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Dhaka fire kills 56 in building

A fire in the old town of Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka has killed at least 50 people.

The blaze broke out Wednesday evening in a residential building partly used as a chemical warehouse.

Police officer accused of raping woman detained over infidelity

A woman, who was taken to police by her spouse on suspicion of infidelity and later detained, has claimed a police officer raped her at night.
The woman, aged 19, reported the case at Kira Division Police after Kirinya Police Station in Kira Municipality in Wakiso District, where she was allegedly raped by the probation police constable, had refused to register her complaint.

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesman, Mr Patrick Onyango, confirmed the complaint and said the accused police officer has been arrested and medical examinations on both the suspect and victim were also done.
“The suspect is still in custody as his file is being processed to appear in court on charges of rape,” he said.
The woman claims the incident happened at night in Kirinya Police Station on February 9.

Liberia gold mine collapse: Dozens arrested at ‘lawless’ rescue site

More than 60 miners, some armed, have been arrested at an illegal gold mine in north-eastern Liberia where around 40 people remain trapped in a collapsed pit, officials have told the BBC.

They “resisted” a team sent to restore order at the site, said Archievego Doe of the disaster management agency.

Bamwoze’s send off: No wreath on my casket

The late Bishop Cyprian Bamwoze had ‘a lot of confidence’ in Ugandan hospitals that he turned down all efforts to be flown abroad for specialized treatment, his family has said.

Bishop Bamwoze, the first Anglican Bishop of Busoga Diocese, on Monday succumbed to leukaemia at the Cancer Institute in Mulago at 85 years.

“He was taken to Nairobi hospital about four years ago but preferred local hospitals, arguing that this would bring confidence in them,” a family member, who declined to be named because the family had enlisted a spokesperson, said yesterday.

Zimbabwean rescuers pull 22 bodies from mine, eight more found alive

 Zimbabwean rescuers pulled the bodies of at least 22 illegal gold miners out of shafts west of Harare that were flooded earlier in the week, and rescued eight more alive, officials and witnesses said on Saturday. The accident involving about 70 miners in Battlefields, 175 km (109 miles) west of the capital, happened on Tuesday night and has shone a light on the risks run by illegal gold miners, who last year contributed a large part of Zimbabwe’s record 33 ton bullion output.

The government has declared the incident a disaster.

Rape still endemic in South Sudan’s Unity state despite peace: U.N.

Rape and sexual violence against women and girls as young as eight is still widespread in northern South Sudan despite the signing of a peace deal to end the civil war in September 2018, according to a U.N. investigation published on Friday.

The report by the United Nations human rights office and the U.N. mission in South Sudan recorded 175 cases, mainly rapes lasting hours by multiple uniformed and armed men, just between September and December 2018.

At least 23 illegal Zimbabwean gold miners feared dead after shafts flooded

– At least 23 illegal miners are trapped and feared dead in Zimbabwe after shafts and underground tunnels they were working in were flooded by water from a burst dam, a state-owned daily newspaper reported on Thursday.

The southern African nation has been working to regulate thousands of people who illegally dig for gold everywhere, including on farms and abandoned mines, mostly under the cover of darkness.

Knock-on effects of war kill 300 babies every day – charity

Knock-on effects of war kill 300 babies every day – charity

Starvation, disease and a lack of aid are killing 300 babies a day in warzones around the world, with the number of children caught up in conflicts nearing a 30-year high, Save the Children said on Friday.

Afghanistan, Yemen, South Sudan, Central African Republic and Syria were among the worst conflict zones for children in 2017, the charity concluded from an analysis of U.N. data for the five years to the end of that year.

Colorado man who strangled mountain lion describes life-or-death struggle

A 31-year-old man who fended off and suffocated a mountain lion when it attacked him on a Colorado jogging trail last week described on Thursday how he killed the big cat by stepping on its throat during a life-and-death struggle.

Speaking for the first time publicly since the Feb. 4 incident that left him with still-visible lacerations on his neck and face, Travis Kauffman described for reporters the harrowing three-minute encounter.

Liberia illicit gold mine collapse: Five bodies found

The bodies of five people have been recovered from a collapsed pit in an illicit gold mine in north-eastern Liberia, a local official has said.

Around 35 people are still believed to be missing after the walls of the pit caved in on Saturday.

Missing Kenyan activist found dead from botched abortion

A Kenyan human rights activist who went missing a week ago has been found dead at a city mortuary after a botched abortion, police said Tuesday.
Caroline Mwatha was reported missing last week, prompting Amnesty International to raise the alarm over her disappearance, given her work lobbying against extra judicial killings by police.

However investigations showed Mwatha, who was married, had been communicating with a boyfriend who sent her money for an abortion, a police statement said.

17 dead at Delhi hotel fire

A fire swept through a hotel in New Delhi early on Tuesday, killing 17 people, authorities in the Indian capital said, raising fresh questions about safety standards in poorly regulated budget hotels.

Frequent raids by civic authorities to enforce building codes, fire safety measures and evacuation procedures have failed to curb violations in a rapidly expanding city of more than 18 million people.

Four killed in Cameroon hospital attack

There are reports from Cameroon that at least four people were burnt alive – trapped inside a hospital in the restive south-west of the country that was set on fire.

The hospital, in the town of Kumba, was serving a large area because several other health facilities in the same district had shut down due to a separatist rebellion.

Farmer eaten by pigs

A Russian farmer who may have suffered an epileptic seizure and collapsed into her pig pen was eaten by her pigs, according to reports citing Russian media.

The woman, 56, was feeding the animals in a village in the central Russian region of Udmurtia when she fainted and fell into the pig pen.

Viagra most ordered drug on Kenyan online

Viagra is among the most ordered drugs on Kenya’s online pharmacy platforms.

This is because the platform provides anonymity.

Uganda frees BBC journalists detained over drugs investigation

Ugandan police released three journalists on Friday who were working for the British Broadcasting Corporation, after detaining them overnight on suspicion of illegally possessing government prescription drugs.

The three — two Ugandans and a Kenyan — were among a total of five people arrested in the incident, the others being the wife of a local journalist working with them, and a driver.