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President Kagame heads to France for VivaTech Conference

President Paul Kagame will today attend the Viva Technology Conference known as “VivaTech” in Paris, France.

VivaTech is the world’s rendezvous for top global tech firms and startups from across the world.

The annual international technology conference is dedicated to innovation-driven enterprises and start-ups.

Bobi Wine blasts NRM MPs over Social Media ‘OTT’ allowance – shame upon you

Kyadondo East MP Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu a pop music star who turned into a politician recently also popularly known by his stage name Bobi Wine has blasted his fellow MPs over a proposed OTT MPs allowances. Bobi Wine has called for resignation of NRM MPs in support of OTT allowances which goes up to 200 million every financial year.

Kagame, Uhuru and Keïta push for common African ICT agenda

African countries have a better chance to benefit from the digital revolution through collaborating as opposed to working as separate entities, Heads of State attending the Transform Africa Summit have said.

The summit, which opened in Kigali yesterday, was attended by Presidents Paul Kagame, Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta of Mali.

Technology offers an opportunity to realise Africa’s integration faster and smarter

As you are aware, the Economic Forum of the Transform Africa Summit originates from the desire for African governments and the private sector to create a single continent-wide digital market. This market will enable Africa to fully benefit from the digital transformation, attract large scale investments and create jobs.

Respecting standards is key for Uganda media development – Waiswa Abudu Sallam


Freedom of expression is anchored in several international and regional instruments. Article 9 of the African Charter on Human and people’s rights of 1981 lucidly provides that every individual shall have the right to receive information and the right to express and disseminate his opinions within the law. A similar provision is contained in article 10 of the European convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms and article 13 of the American convention on human rights.
In Uganda, the framers of the 1995 constitution also recognised this fundamental freedom in Article 29(1) (a) of the Constitution of Uganda, which provides that every person shall have a right to freedom of speech and expression which shall include the freedom of the press and other media.

Mbarara University staff strike intensify calls for , VC’s resignation

Staff at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) have unanimously agreed to lay down their tools until the vice chancellor, Prof Celestino Obua steps down.  

The lecturers accuse the Obua and the university accounting officer of lack of transparency and allegedly embezzling funds meant for operations of the university. 

Israel’s Beresheet spacecraft crashes during historic moon landing attempt

An Israeli spacecraft attempting to make history by becoming the first privately funded craft to land on the moon suffered an engine malfunction during its descent and crashed onto the lunar surface.

The Beresheet spacecraft was to have touched down on the moon between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. ET. But officials with SpaceIL, the Israeli nonprofit organization behind the mission, reported that they lost contact with the four-legged spacecraft as it neared the surface of the moon.

“We didn’t make it,” SpaceIL chairman Morris Kahn said during a livestream of the landing attempt. “The achievement to getting to where we got is really tremendous.”

Ethiopian Airlines crash: FAA says Boeing 737 Max 8 is airworthy

The US Federal Aviation Administration has told airlines it believes Boeing’s 737 Max 8 model to be airworthy, after two fatal crashes inside six months.

An Ethiopian Airlines plane en route from Addis Ababa to Nairobi crashed six minutes after take-off on Sunday, killing all 157 people on board.

How to test for pregnancy without a kit

Your body should tell you if you are pregnant. Symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, weakness and sleepiness, and headaches can develop as early as two weeks of conception.

But every woman’s body is different, and you may not experience any of these symptoms. The easiest ways to confirm is to have a test.

Tension as Rwanda launches satellite in orbit

OneWeb, a UK based global communications company, has successfully sent its first six initial satellites into low-earth orbit, one of which is expected to provide broadband internet to remote schools in Rwanda.

Billionare Richard Branson of Virgin Group, top managers of Soft Bank of Japan, Airbus leaders, and other several dignitaries, including French ministers were in presence to witness the launch of OneWeb’s initial satellites.

FDC youth creates VPN app to counter gov’t OTT tax

Willingtone Nsubuga a youth affiliated to the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) political party has developed a secure tunnel for encrypted communication for Smartphone devices. This technology allows end-to-end encrypted communication among parties – making it impossible for Uganda government censorship. 

Mountain lion in California tree ‘rescued’ by firefighters

A very large cat has been rescued from a tree near a property in California after the homeowner saw it while working in the garden, officials say.

US firefighters arrived at the property in San Bernardino after the mountain lion – or cougar – was spotted perched on a branch about 50ft (15m) high.

Private ownership of Uganda natural resources is unconstitutional – Birungi Denis

There was a recent story in the media of an alleged ownership of Lake Birinzi in Masaka district by a legislator who has fenced the lake claiming to have a land title on it, and that he acquired the lake in 1998 as it was not gazetted. He claims compensation if government wants to confiscate the lake.

It is unfortunate that an MP, who is expected to understand, and create awareness about the laws of the country, would act contrary to them, by asserting proprietary claims on resources, which the Uganda constitution expressly entrusts to be held by the state in trust for the citizens, a concept known as the public trust doctrine.

Bill Gates says you need these three things to get rich

the world’s richest man has offered some career advice for wannabe billionaires.

Bill Gates — the founder of Microsoft — has predicted which three skills will be in high demand in the job market of the future.

Whisper Eye IT expert scores aggregate 8 in PLE

Carreti Media group a parent company of whisper eye has been boosted after one of its young talent and IT experts Jack Aaron scored aggregate 8 in Uganda Primary Leaving Examination at Global Junior School in Mukono district.

The delighted young man who has picked passion for designing websites and programming when he was 7 years old his delighted to pursue further education and become a graduate in science and technology.

China digs on the moon

What does China want to do on the Moon’s far side?
What will China’s Chang’e-4 mission learn about the far side of the Moon? Here are a few things the mission is designed to do.

No space mission has ever explored the far side from the surface. As such, it’s the first chance to explore a mysterious region of Earth’s natural satellite.