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Rwandan, Congolese discuss urban sanitation and hygiene project

Representatives of more than 100 firms and cooperatives in DR Congo’s capital, Kinshasa, on Friday held a meeting with local businessman, Jean Malic Kalima, seeking his assistance on how to best plan and implement a city cleaning project.

 Kalima, who dabbles in mining, health among other businesses, in the past implemented a successful project in Lome, Togo. The Congolese – especially those who have been to Kigali and were struck by its beauty and cleanliness – want him to help them do it right.

Understanding Museveni’s silence on Rwanda – Albert Rudatsimburwa

Museveni has been uncharacteristically silent on matters involving Uganda and Rwanda. Some commentators close to his government have given the impression that this is the normal reaction of someone who is calm and collected.

However, what they have neglected to point out is that this kind of reaction would also be expected from someone who has been caught in the act.

Two senior Rwandan feared rotting in Uganda’s CMI lock up

The whereabouts of two Rwandans – Sendegeya Theogene and Magezi Emmanuel who went missing in Uganda last year – are unknown. 

Their disappearance, according to their family members, followed arrest by soldiers of the Mbarara-based UPDF Second Division. 

Rwandan ‘FDLR’ rebel leader Igance Murwanashyaka dies in prison

The FDLR militia leader Ignace Murwanashyaka, has reportedly died 
in German.

Murwanashyaka had been in prison since 2015 facing war crimes charges- he is no more, he died in prison, according to emerging reports.

He died in Mannheim University Hospital yesterday after being admitted on April 11. Since conviction in Sept 2015, was in solitary confinement without contact with other inmates in terrorists’ section of Stammheim maximum security prison.

Rwandan Albino Woman gains fame from her music video – Must watch!

A Rwandan albino woman has appeared in a music video, attracting widespread attention and helping alleviate the stigma of albinos in Africa. Claudine Mukarusine has described the video as a spark of light in a life filled with discrimination and fear.

Mukarusine is a 28-year-old graduate from the University of Rwanda with Albinism, a genetic condition that makes her hair, skin and eyes pale.

Rwandan FLN Rebel leader asks Comoros to protect his life , Rwanda will hang me!

Rwandan top FLN Rebel commander Maj , Sankara who was arrested by Comoros authorities earlier this week has cried out to various human rights bodies and relevant agencies for help regarding pending repatriations to Rwanda fearing that if Kigali takes charge of him he will be hanged.

Whisper Eye reported on how the de’facto former RPF solider who defected from his former boss Gen Paul Kagame the president of the Republic of Rwanda was arrested by Comoros authorities pending deportation to Rwanda.

Why Uganda poor quality Hima cement was turned down – Rwanda

Cement imports to Rwanda by Uganda’s Hima Cement Limited were last month sent back after failing to meet quality standards for imports entering the local market, Rwanda Bureau of Standards (RBS) has said.

The clarification follows a story by Uganda government owned newspaper, New Vision, that the cement imports in three trucks – each loaded with 30 tonnes – had been sent back for unspecified reasons.

Museveni’s dream for Rwanda unmasked

Most people who follow politics of the region know that President Yoweri Museveni has long harboured ambitions of making Rwanda Uganda’s appendage. At the very least, he seeks to dictate to this country what it should and should not do.

Over the years he has recruited like-minded people from inside Rwanda to work with him to frame their country in his image. These are his protégés. But what is so special that they see in Museveni and he sees in them and together they wish to export to Rwanda?

Rwandan national Manager of Isimbi Wines factory shot dead in Uganda

Rwandan National and Manager of Isimbi Wines Factory Shot Dead in Kisoro Municipality by unknown assailants.

Kisoro has registered murder by shooting of one
Sabaho Lambert m/a aged 52 years a Rwandese Nationality manager of isimbi wines’ factory at finta house, a resident of Bigina village Hospital ward southern division kisoro municipality/ district.

Rwanda FLN rebel leader Sankara captured, repatriated to Kigali

The news we are receiving at Whisper Eye desk indicate that Maj. Callixte Sankara was arrested in the Comoros and forcefully repatriated to Kigali, Rwanda.

According to our sources the de’facto spokesperson of Rwanda’s new rebel group, National Liberation Force (NLF) Calixte Sankara who’s been making media claims of FLN rebels occupying Nyungwe forest & 3 sectors of Rwanda, is now a prisoner in Rwanda.

Why Uganda should not celebrate over their new ‘savior’ – Rwanda

The sustained campaign to sanitise fraudulent Rwandan businessman Tribert Rujugiro is up in earnest, especially in Uganda.

A teaser posted Saturday on the official Twitter handle of Ugandan daily, New Vision about the paper that will be circulated on Sunday has a headline that goes “Rwandan magnate is West Nile’s new hope”.

Rwanda’s Kagame makes a case for investment in Africa

President Paul Kagame has called for increased investment in Africa, saying that countries on the continent understand the importance of foreign direct investments on their economies and have been working to create a friendly environment.

Kagame was speaking on Thursday evening in New York, United States at an NBA Board of Governors meeting that attracted NBA club owners and executives.

High court orders Uganda police to produce detained Rwandan couple

The High court has ordered police to produce a Rwandan couple that has been in detention without trial since January this year. 

Justice Lydia Mugambe of Civil Division, ordered the director of Criminal Investigations Department (CID) that Claudine Uwineza and her husband Darius Kayobera be produced before court on April 24 with reasons as to why they have not yet been charged. 

Rwandan stings Uganda’s CMI terrible treatment


Jean Claude Mucyo, a Rwandan national of 28, will never forget the night of Tuesday, 29 January 2019.

That is the day Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) abducted him, together with his employer Darius Kayobera, and Darius’s wife, Claudine.

That happened at their business premises on Musajjalumba Road in Kampala’s Rubaga suburb.

Uganda tops those hosting most Genocide fugitives – Rwanda


The Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda host the largest number of fugitives wanted in Rwanda for their role in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, statistics from the National Public Prosecution Authority show.

According to the prosecution, DR Congo is home to 372 indicted Genocide suspects and Uganda 260. Malawi has the third largest concentration of Genocide fugitives, with 47.

Rwanda FDLR rebels confess that Uganda minister facilitated them


Two top commanders of FDLR militia who on Monday appeared before a judge at Gasabo Primary Court in Kigali said they were keen on severing ties with the militia group and appealed to be forgiven and reintegrated.

The two – the FDLR spokesperson Ignace Nkaka, best known as La Forge Fils Bazeye, and Lt Col Jean-Pierre Nsekanabo, the head of the intelligence of the outfit – were arrested last year by Congolese authorities.