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Rwanda vows to battle if its citizen are not released by Uganda

The ongoing Cold War between Rwanda and Uganda has got to the epitome as Rwanda alleges that Uganda is participating in arbitrary arrest and torture of its citizens without categorically addressing the cause.

The President of Rwanda HE.Paul Kagame was heard on a certain platform confirming that the problems of Rwanda and Uganda started in South Africa though he dint give detail relative to the statement.

Kagame apologises to Uganda – Museveni still silent

Rwanda’s President Paul Rutagamba Kagame has apologised to Uganda over allegations to the worsened relationship between the two East African community member states.

Kagame and Museveni former guerrilla war military friends turned into foe as political aggression took new dimensions. There are reports that Kagame is fighting President Museveni’s government though his strong spy network.

MTN case pits Uganda against four nations

The dramatic falling out between Uganda’s largest telecom giant MTN and the authorities, which culminated in Thursday’s arrest and deportation of the company’s chief executive, Belgian national Wim Vanhelleputte, may have left President Museveni at a crossroads.
The president has to juggle between believing intelligence from his security agents or the pleadings of a multinational backed by the diplomatic power of three countries.

Rwanda bound bus in a fatal accident , 9 dead

Drivers among 9 confirmed dead and some passengers are seriously injured following an accident that occurred along the Kyonyo Kamuganguzi along Kabale Katuna highway Whisper Eye reports.

According to local area Police the deceased (not yet identified) were passengers and drivers of the bus and trailer truck .
“The Bus and the trailer collided head-on and forced them to veer off the road and 9 people died on spot.

Museveni in Addis Ababa

 President Museveni on Saturday arrived in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa ahead of the 32nd Ordinary Summit of the African Union Heads of State and Government.

Shortly after his arrival, Mr Museveni tweeted saying the summit will focus on the refugee problem and how the continent can tackle it.
“ I met Mr Farid Fezoua and Mr Alexander Oketch, officials of General Electric (GE) Africa. Besides the other engagements the government already has with GE, we shall also partner in developing and equipping our hospitals,” he said.

Of Rwanda-Uganda tensions and the ghosts of Kisangani – Part II


The Great Lakes Region is a tough neighbourhood and given his capability to project military power in the region, Museveni had become the de facto sheriff of the Great Lakes. After Kisangani, there seemed to be emerging another power challenging his hegemony.

Perhaps due to his patronage of the RPF luminaries, Museveni had assumed that Kagame and Rwanda would play second fiddle. He was wrong. Kisangani became a defining moment. It was a curtain raiser for fierce rivalry.

Kagame replaces Museveni as EAC head

Rwandan president Paul Kagame on Friday took over chairmanship of EAC Summit of Heads of State and Government from his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni who has been the head since May 2017 when he replaced President John Magufuli of Tanzania.

Kagame was named as the new EAC head in Arusha where he attended the East African Community Heads of State Summit, erasing doubts that he would skip and opt to mark Heroes Day celebrations in his country.

Uganda to arrest more MTN alleged spies

Uganda police has revealed that it is still following up some individuals of MTN Uganda who had a hand in trying to destabilise the security of the country.

The warning comes after the deportation of the three senior managers of MTN Uganda on charges of espionage on behalf of a foreign country.

The suspects included an Italian, French and a Rwandan who were all shown exit last week by security and immigration department at Entebbe International airport.

Of Rwanda – Uganda tensions and the ghosts of Kisangani Part I – Norbert Mao

There’s a saying that you must never believe a political rumour until it is denied. The authorities in Uganda have a standard response to any news of tension between Rwanda and Uganda: “there is no fundamental problem between Uganda and Rwanda.” That very statement should warn us that there seems to be a big problem.

Since independence in early 1960s, Rwanda’s Tutsi minority had suffered repeatedly under the majority Hutu population until the military takeover of state power by the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF). The Hutu majority had also assumed political power by mobilising against what they saw as a colonial power that favoured the Tutsi minority. Their failure to establish a new order that would transcend the colonial divide and rule policy would haunt them for decades and would continue to cast a shadow into present day Rwanda.

Kagames opposition figure says she won’t be deterred by detention

Diane Rwigara says she will not let more than a year in detention derail her campaign against President Paul Kagame, the rebel-turned-statesman lauded for transforming the small African nation’s economy but criticized for smothering dissent. The 37-year-old accountant tried to run against Kagame in a 2017 election, in which he won a third seven-year term. But she was barred by an electoral commission and detained on charges including forging documents associated with that bid.

“Before going to prison, I had founded a movement called Movement for People’s Salvation-Itabaza and my plan is to continue with it,” she said in her first interview since being acquitted in December of inciting insurrection and forgery.

Museveni’s deportation of MTN staff triggers Rwanda protest

Security sources have said the two MTN Uganda senior officials were deported after intelligence agencies intercepted their communication to “a dangerous foreign group and persons” deemed a threat to the country’s security.

But the claim provoked a protest from the Rwandan mission in Kampala who accused Uganda of deporting several Rwandans under dubious circumstances.

Fourteen miners killed in Rwanda tin mine after hill collapses

Fourteen miners were killed in an eastern Rwandan tin mine after a hill collapsed on them after heavy rains, officials said on Monday.

“Because of recent rainfall in the area, part of the hill nearby collapsed and 14 miners who were getting ready for work were buried by land,” Fred Mufuruke, governor of Eastern province, said.

8 Uganda Security officers charged with abduction of asylum seekers


Eight Ugandan security officers have been charged in a military court with abducting and illegally repatriating Rwandan asylum seekers to Kigali, a prosecutor said on Wednesday.

The men, among them a military colonel and seven police officers, are suspected of involvement in forcibly handing over former security officer Joel Mutabazi and his brother Jackson Kalemera to Kigali in 2013.

Exiled General Kayumba Namwasa recruiting fighters:UN report

A United Nations report has suggested that exiled former Rwandan general Kayumba Nyamwasa is recruiting fighters and getting ammunition from Burundi, Uganda and DR Congo.

The report by a UN Group of Experts, dated December 31, 2018, says that Gen Nyamwasa, who is exiled in South Africa, has frequently travelled in the region on a recruiting drive for his newly formed rebel group called P5, which is under the Rwanda National Congress (RNC).

Rwanda President, Kagame Gives Away Daughter, Ange In A Tradition Ceremony.

Rwandan President Paul Kagame and First Lady Jeanette Kagame have today Saturday given away their daughter Ange Kagame to urban planner Billy Ndengeyingoma at a traditional ceremony held in the country.

Rwanda genocide: Habyarimana plane shooting probe dropped

French judges have dropped a long-running investigation into the shooting down of a plane carrying the former Rwandan president Juvenal Habyarimana.
His death in 1994 was a trigger of the genocide.
A French inquiry began four years later at the request of relatives of the French crew members who died.