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Jailed Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s ruling deferred to next month

Justice Lydia Mugambe has deferred the ruling in a case in which Stella Nyanzi is challenging her dismissal from Makerere University.

Justice Mugambe of the High Court Civil Division postponed the ruling to November 8 after failure by Makerere University to produce key documents in relation to the termination of Nyanzi.

Court had ordered Makerere University to produce minutes of the October 23, 2018 Appointments Board meeting which allegedly endorsed Nyanzi’s dismissal.

Minister Kitutu rallies Karimojong on tree planting

The State Minister for Environment, Mary Goretti Kitutu has asked the Karimojong community to plant trees.

Kitutu made the call in Napak at the function to mark the Global Hand Washing Day on Tuesday. Her call was triggered by the heavy winds that blew up the VIP tents where the two ministers including Eng. John Byabagambi of Karamoja Affairs and Kitutu were seated.

The winds halted the event for more than 30 minutes which later forced the organizers to adjust on the program.

NRM EC sued for not conducting primaries

The National Resistance Movement Party Electoral Commission has been dragged to court for failure to conduct party primaries in Kigorobya county, Hoima district.

Sixteen party members who were nominated for different political posts on the NRM ticket in the newly created sub-counties of Kisukuma, Kiganja, Bombo, Kapaapi, Kyabisagazi and Kijongo have through their lawyers Rwabwogo and Company  Advocates accuse the party electoral commission for failing to follow the party rules and regulations.

Speaker Kadaga roots for Parliament’s role in protecting Rule of Law

Speakers under the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) have expressed the need to have Parliaments across the world share in the responsibility of protecting the rule of law and human rights.

According to Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga, the exclusion of Parliaments stand on the universal human rights reporting system has come at a great cost to the oversight role, which she says ought to be urgently addressed and check on human rights violations worldwide.

Kadaga was speaking at the on-going 141st Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly in Belgrade, Serbia under the theme “Strengthening international law: Parliamentary roles and mechanisms, and the contribution of regional corporation”.

MP Betty Nambooze’s parliament PA joins Bobi Wine’s people power

It has finally been confirmed that Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament also Democratic Party (DP) Vice president Buganda Region Betty Nambooze Bakireke’s Political Assistant Mr Mugabi Arthur has joined People Power Movement.

Whisper Eye has confirmed from sources privy to the Nambooze camp that Mugabi who until several months ago worked in MP Nambooze’s Parliament office in Kampala stood his ground even when MP Nambooze and the DP Besigye leaning team were not agreed on it.

Understanding Gen Otafiires’s wrangles with the first family ~ Nkwene Nelson


Let’s look at how it all started, at least you remember when a muhima woman called Abairu amazi and Kahinda a colonel then pulled out a gun to shoot her! Since then, I’ve not again heard this word used publicly to abuse non-bahima Ankole natives – mission achieved ; Kudos

However the result ended personal, to us that have been following trends, General has not been at good terms with the husband of this notorious lady who publicly called Abairu amazi.

Looking at unfolding events am made to believe, this huband, a close relative of the first family is behind all Gen’s political problems as he finances the political opponent(s)

Gen Muhoozi warning came at the right time ~Sam Evidence

Using his Twitter handle Lt Gen Muhoozi praised the UPDF and Special forces and sounded a warning to any enemy of Uganda who may be thinking of distablizing our country that he will be crashed. This has not gone well with some people especially the opposition after reading it from newspapers with twisted words but whatever it is, it is a warning coming at a right time.

Uganda in the past few months has passed through a number security problems. We have woken up to sad news of assassinations of high profile people by criminals who shoot them and run away. It had become a common story and some ugandans were afraid which was the target of the criminals to create fear amongst the population. It’s like when you’re trusting your dog and it runs away from the enemy. Obviously you lose hope and get frightened in fact if not strong you may even faint.

Beware of disinformation, character terrorism and reputational mudslinging cowards online~Odrek Rwabwogo

About June of this year, I received a phone call from a telephone number, +260-958-117-776. It was a male voice with a familiar sounding Kiganda/English accent. However, I couldn’t put a face to it in my mind. The fellow said he was calling from South Africa from a place he called ‘The people’s agency’. The blackmailer said he called to warn me about what he termed as “your ambitions”. He added “we are going to release information unless you can talk to us in a good way……” I have since seen several telephone numbers from this fake blackmail group send messages and redistribute them across social media.

I took this as a redundant annoying (crank) call and told the fellow to go find something better to do with his life. Suddenly in July, I begun to notice simultaneous despicable lies circulating on social media platforms and shared by some of the people we work with. These shameful lies target our business and my person. I asked a lawyer to take up the matter with UCC and file a complaint against the number and the source of the caller.

The search for next IGG on as Mulyagonja quits for Judiciary

The next Inspector General of Government (IGG) will have to struggle with untouchable government officials accused of stealing government money while also being undermined by the increasingly influential State House Anti-Corruption led by Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema.

This is the dilemma IGG Justice Irene Mulyagonja (Pictured) found herself in this year. She applied for a vacancy at the Court of Appeal and now with her appointment to the latter court by President Museveni, the IGG position will be vacant in a few weeks. Mulyagonja had long voiced her frustration at being IGG.

Mafabi was all smiles shaking hands with the president at independence day , its a good gesture – Sam Evidence

Independence day celebration went on well, with hosting the Zimbabwean president and later seeing pictures of the FDC General secretary Nandala Mafabi smiling all through while shaking hands with the President. The picture which has gone viral on social media has indeed amazed me and triggered me to put down Something.

The extremists in the opposition have introduced a new name for our president and you must have read it somewhere. They call him “Dictator”. They freely say it out even to the audience which has People who have tasted on the good leadership and good personality of President Museveni. President Museveni’s leadership is built on tolerance and being accommodative for people you don’t agree with Politically..those who call him dictator am sure if we asked them why they do so, most of them would run out of answers.

You complained of NRM failing Uganda Airlines , its now revived – Sam Evidence

When Rwanda purchased planes and entered into air transport business opposition was all over social media and the mainstream media criticizing NRM for failing Uganda airlines. Pictures of old uganda Airlines planes were posted alongside the current Rwanda air planes as away of empathizing their crirism. I am not saying they were wrong but it’s now clear that our national Airline is now revived with a number of planes now purchased and fully operational.

It’s now the responsibility of all Ugandans including those in opposition to make sure that the company makes profits and doesn’t fail again. They will do so by using uganda airlines each time they want to travel especially to the cities where the Uganda airlines operates from. We will understand their unseriousness and unpatrioticism if they choose another airliner instead of our own.

Five candidates set to challenge Hon. Mukitale in 2021 Buliisa MP seat

Buliisa constituency member of parliament seat would be another ardent breathing battle field as five candidates are set to challenge the reigning Hon. Mukitale in hot 2021 Polls.

A number of different candidates have so far been confirmed with an interest to contest for the member of parliament seat in Buliisa constituency.

Whisper Eye has confirmed at least one NRM candidate, one people power, three independents who are set to challenge the reigning Hon. Mukitale in MP seat 2021 Polls.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has launched a campaign to oust President Museveni from power.

Speaking at the party’s independence celebrations held on Wednesday at the party’s headquarters in Najjanankumbi, the FDC President Patrick Amuriat says that the party will not wait for the 2021 elections to change government.

He says that the party will resume its defiant activities actively under a campaign, Action2019.

According to Amuriat, there is no need to celebrate Independence because many Ugandans still live in poverty.

President Museveni hails AU and SADC for adopting Swahili

President Yoweri Museveni has hailed a decision by African leaders to adopt swahili as the official language at key regional and continental bodies.

“I am happy that both the African Union and SADC have adopted Swahili as a common language. If anyone does not have the spectacles to see that despite Africa having many tribes and clans, we are similar, we are brothers and sisters, that person should leave us,” he said at celebrations in Sironko to mark Uganda’s 57th independence anniversary.

Speaker Kadaga wants mandatory physical exercise in schools

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has tasked local leaders and district education officers to ensure all schools have enough space to conduct physical exercises.

Speaking at the celebrations of the World Heart Day in Jinja district on Friday, Kadaga says that, some schools have limited space where pupils can hardly carry out physical exercises which has left them lazy and prone to heart diseases.

OIC Speaker’s Conference denounces terrorism, Islamophobia

Speakers and Deputy Speakers from countries under the Parliamentary Union of OIC Member States-PUOIC have denounced terrorism and Islamophobia in the world. Islamophobia is the fear or hatred against Islam or Muslims.

Toumi Mohammed Benjelloun, the Deputy Speaker of the Moroccan parliament told delegates attending the 42nd PUOIC meeting at Skyz Hotel, Naguru in Kampala, that there is need for diplomatic missions of the member States to start initiatives of fighting terrorism and Islamophobia to promote peaceful co-existence.