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Was Rukutana’s conduct before the Commission of inquiry into land matters professional ? A Lawyers view- Pamba Egan.

It was drama yesterday when the Learned Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana appeared before the Commission of inquiry into land matters which is headed & chaired by Her Ladyship Justice Catherine Bamugemereire (JA).

The appearance came at a point where the Learned Deputy Attorney General was tasked to explain to the commission the circumstances surrounding okaying the approval of a whooping 24 billion Uganda shillings to be dished out of the land fund to compensate Muhammed Kasasa in respect of the 12 acres of land located in Mutungo whose true ownership & proprietorship is contested by various persons including the Kabaka of Buganda.

Dp’s Lutukumoi challenges Besigye and Nambooze on a mole dossier, your mind is clouded and fuzzy

Dear , Nambooze


You may hate him, you may despise him, you may reject him, you may paint him any color, but Mao stood with Uganda and Acholi when Dr BESIGYE and some of you were tax collectors for NRM in Mukono and some political commissioners of NRA.

Uganda Minimum Wages act 2015 , a lawyers view – Pamba Eagan

On the 19th day of February 2019 the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda passed into law the longly awaited Minimum Wages Act 2015.

The law comes at a time when various NGO’s have been pushing for such a law to be put in place, thanks to the Movant of this celebrated law Honorable Arinaitwe Rwankajara.

One of the key reasons for emergency of this law was to address the injustices in the labor industry coupled with exploitation of the employees by there employers, to curb issues of little pay, address issues of income inequality among others.

Bamugemerire disrespectful , Rukatana has silenced her arrogance – Sam Evidence

Social media is awash with the events at the land Commission and about the verbal artillery between the learned Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana and lady Justice Bamugemereire. Some people already taken sides with some supporting the Deputy Attorney General and others supporting the Lady Justice. Allow me therefore take my side and which I think is the right one and give you the reasons as to why.

Unfortunately Ugandans forget so easily and events that happens on a day takes their attention most without considering what happened in the past. The lady Justice Bamugemereire has clashed with different people before but the first one and the one which caught my attention was that one of Hon Minister Betty Amongi.

Africa youth shouldn’t let the elderly create political territories – Hon Zaake Francis Butebi

At the age of 22 years, I declared my intention to contest for Mityana South Member of Parliament.

My pronouncement stirred public opinion in my area prompting a number of “well” wishers to approach me with advice that was contrary to my desire. They argued that I was so young for the position.

They never believed that a person of my age was competent enough to make sound decisions.

Pulwama attack: Nine killed in Kashmir gun battle

Nine people, including four Indian soldiers and a policeman, have been killed in Indian-administered Kashmir during a gun battle, police say.

The clash occurred in Pulwama, where more than 40 Indian paramilitary police were killed in a bombing last week.

Private ownership of Uganda natural resources is unconstitutional – Birungi Denis

There was a recent story in the media of an alleged ownership of Lake Birinzi in Masaka district by a legislator who has fenced the lake claiming to have a land title on it, and that he acquired the lake in 1998 as it was not gazetted. He claims compensation if government wants to confiscate the lake.

It is unfortunate that an MP, who is expected to understand, and create awareness about the laws of the country, would act contrary to them, by asserting proprietary claims on resources, which the Uganda constitution expressly entrusts to be held by the state in trust for the citizens, a concept known as the public trust doctrine.

A Uganda of peace and prosperity is possible – Birungi Denis

A glimpse into a possible future.

We start the year 2045 with something to show.Uganda has made strides. “Somethingthatseemed impossible is now a reality”, says Okello, the chairperson of the Senate, the top governing council of the country.Itis,thanks to the patriotism of leaders who chose to put aside differences, and unite around collective aspirations of Ugandans.

The principle of non-intervention and the malfunction of the UN Security Council – Birungi Denis

The heightened political crisis in Venezuela puts a core principle of international law- non-intervention in the internal affairs of sovereign states enshrined under the UN charter, to a test.

The principle is premised on the concept of equality of states, also enshrined in theUN Charter. Venezuela has been in a political crisis since 2013, after the death of Hugo Chavez. The subsequent ascendance to power of Nicholas Maduro was unfortunate for the country. Currently, the Venezuelan peopleare in dire humanitarian need as result of economic mismanagement by the Maduro regime.

Minister Kiwanda is doing extremely well in tourism – Sam Evidence

I have seen several statements of people ridiculing Minister Kiwanda especially on the miss curvey contest that he recently launched. Some people are saying that it’s reducing women as mere sexual objects.

The same people do not say anything about the beauty contests that have gone as far as in Secondary schools and primary Schools. How different is the beauty contest and miss curvy contest?

US embassy in Nairobi warns citizens of possible attack in Kenya

Travel warning by US embassy says there is ‘credible information’ indicating Westerners may be targeted in an attack.

The United States warned its citizens in Kenya on Monday that “credible information indicates Westerners may be targeted by extremists”.

Of Rwanda-Uganda tensions and the ghosts of Kisangani – Part II


The Great Lakes Region is a tough neighbourhood and given his capability to project military power in the region, Museveni had become the de facto sheriff of the Great Lakes. After Kisangani, there seemed to be emerging another power challenging his hegemony.

Perhaps due to his patronage of the RPF luminaries, Museveni had assumed that Kagame and Rwanda would play second fiddle. He was wrong. Kisangani became a defining moment. It was a curtain raiser for fierce rivalry.

Of the French revolution and its implications in Uganda today – Benedict Rutemba

While siting Kirkpatrick, Shelley a. visionary leadership theory, encyclopedia of leadersip.2004.sage publications.16 feb.2011, P.L.O Lumumba clearly pointed out that, leadership is at the very heart of human progress.

Indeed it is true to say that where leaders have vision the nation prospers when he gave his presentation at that regional conference on leadership governance and integrity held at Speke resort, Munyonyo, Kampala, Uganda on Wednesday 28th June, 2017

Part time ! the Millennial’s problem – Benedict Rutemba


I have not talked anywhere and I fail to get some one to ask me about the millennial question, which apparently would be a question about a people that can be defined as “a group or generation of people who were born approximately in 1984 and after”.

These people are sought to be tough to manage, and are accused of being entitled and narcissistic, self-esteemed un focused and lazy. But being entitled is the big one.

And because they confound leadership [so much, what is happening is leaders are asking these millennials, “what do you want?” and the Millennial are saying, “we want to work in a place with purpose, we want to make an impact”, whatever that means, “we want free food and bean bags, we want to be the leaders of today, we want to take control for the young people, we are the owners of our destiny. So somebody articulates some sort of purpose.

Protests break out in Sudanese cities after call for mass rallies

Protests broke out in several Sudanese cities on Thursday and in many areas of the capital Khartoum, witnesses said, the most widespread demonstrations in a wave of anti-government unrest that began last month.

Security forces fired tear gas at protesters in the Burri and al-Deem neighbourhoods of Khartoum and in the north of the capital, a Reuters witness and other witnesses said.

Makerere University might need us all – Nkunyingi Muwada

The trend of events at the ivory tower warrants the wider public to interest ourselves in events unfolding. I once represented LUMUMBA hall as GRC and indeed contested the Guild Presidency. I as well on various occasions represented the Guild to university council meetings. I’m alive to the fact that all views of stakeholders must be given audience.

The trending events bordering illegality may compromise academic standards and have already at least from rumours demoted the MUK rankings internationally. We are all losers once MUK declines .Its public knowledge that no legitimate dismissal or suspension can stand as a punishment for a staff participating in industrial action.