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Opinion: a message to president Museveni by poor youth on current state of affairs in Uganda

Mr President: You are the only one to help Uganda regain it’s foreign Image.Our Government lost a great Leader in the name of RT HON AMAMA MBABAZI.U the only one remaining and you must act now or never. Mbabazi was blackmailed by your enemies but whoever blackmailed him will regret and will pay dearly.

Hon Pius Bigirimana Permanent Secretary of Judiciary was Denied Visa to Enter USA but instead of getting a solution and understanding the cause, Some officials prefer to support groups to blackmail USA.

Nrm young Cadres are being used by Mafias to post Propaganda against the United States of America for imposing travel Embargos on some NRM Government Officials such as Former IGP Kale Kayihura,Hon Pius Bigirimana and unofficial USA sanctions on minister of foreign Affairs Sam Kutesa

NRM is basing on Chinese loans to attack USA because usa as been demanding Uganda Government to uphold the core values of democracy and good governance, rule of law,justice,accountability,etc.

The Young King and A Snake: the cost of generational blame game in Uganda ~ Christopher Okidi

A young king ascended to the throne after the death of his father, but like British Politician Lord Acton said of power, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The young monarch immediately purged his father’s old servants, banished the old and invited his young friends to manage the affairs of the kingdom. Young as they were they abdicated their royalty duties and indulged in binge drinking, party after party. Pandemonium soon set in when the king drops on the ground and a snake crawls into his mouth.

The puzzle the young rulers were confronted with was how to remove a snake from the King’s mouth without injuring him? None of the new replacements of the old timers in the royal service knew exactly what to do. When push came to shove as the situation was dire, the servants went out to look for elders to help resolve the crisis. His loyal servant returned with one of elders who came with a bag and a rat in it, because he was already briefed of what had befallen the king. On arriving where the King was, he opened his bag picked out the rat and threw it on the ground, when the snake heard the rat squeak, it got out of the King’s throat immediately and started chasing the rat, that is how the crisis was resolved.

Beware of disinformation, character terrorism and reputational mudslinging cowards online~Odrek Rwabwogo

About June of this year, I received a phone call from a telephone number, +260-958-117-776. It was a male voice with a familiar sounding Kiganda/English accent. However, I couldn’t put a face to it in my mind. The fellow said he was calling from South Africa from a place he called ‘The people’s agency’. The blackmailer said he called to warn me about what he termed as “your ambitions”. He added “we are going to release information unless you can talk to us in a good way……” I have since seen several telephone numbers from this fake blackmail group send messages and redistribute them across social media.

I took this as a redundant annoying (crank) call and told the fellow to go find something better to do with his life. Suddenly in July, I begun to notice simultaneous despicable lies circulating on social media platforms and shared by some of the people we work with. These shameful lies target our business and my person. I asked a lawyer to take up the matter with UCC and file a complaint against the number and the source of the caller.

Mafabi was all smiles shaking hands with the president at independence day , its a good gesture – Sam Evidence

Independence day celebration went on well, with hosting the Zimbabwean president and later seeing pictures of the FDC General secretary Nandala Mafabi smiling all through while shaking hands with the President. The picture which has gone viral on social media has indeed amazed me and triggered me to put down Something.

The extremists in the opposition have introduced a new name for our president and you must have read it somewhere. They call him “Dictator”. They freely say it out even to the audience which has People who have tasted on the good leadership and good personality of President Museveni. President Museveni’s leadership is built on tolerance and being accommodative for people you don’t agree with Politically..those who call him dictator am sure if we asked them why they do so, most of them would run out of answers.

The Seven(7) surprising benefits of Marijuana tea

There are many impressive benefits of marijuana tea, including its ability to reduce nausea, stimulate the appetite, relieve stress and anxiety, protect heart health, eliminate pain, prevent cognitive decline, and boost the immune system, among others.

What is Marijuana Tea?

Marijuana tea comes from the cannabis plant, and the benefits are mainly derived from THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the active ingredient found in cannabis. [1] This compound binds to the pain receptors in our brain, essentially functioning as a natural pain reliever, among other therapeutic purposes. Use of this tea is recommended if you live in a country or region where the possession, use, and distribution of marijuana is legal.

We can do it alone as People Power – Okoler Opio Enoch

My colleague whose Identity I won’t disclose here holds the opinion that, we were rigged in Hoima because Mr. Museveni vowed to have that slot under all circumstances.

Well, civility requires that I respect his viewpoint even though we disagree on it.

Our only point of agreement, not in toto is that, the disagreements in opposition consciously or subconsciously orchestrated by the conduct of a few of our colleagues in People Power certainly negated our bid. That we agree until the point of asking to what extent did the same create effects to our detriment? He argues that, the effects were so insignificant that even without such we would still be rigged, that left him without reasons as to why we lost save the reason he gave and those advanced by Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi

Full Text: Gen Museveni slams USA Sanctions on Gen Kayihura

Fellow Ugandans and, especially, the Bazzukulu

It says, in the Church of Uganda Prayer Book, on page 5, as follows: “They left undone what they ought to have done and they did that they ought not to have done and there is no truth in them”. In Runyakore, it says: “Bakareka ebibashemereire kukora, bakora ebibatashemereire kukora, n’amazima tigari muribo”. It is most interesting to see how some of the elements of the Opposition are jubilating about some authorities in the USA who have recently declared that General Kale and some members of his family will not be allowed to enter the USA in case they want to travel there.

Before I comment on the action of the USA Govt in the matter of Kale, I should, first of all, say that, that excitement among some elements of the Opposition shows the poor quality of their spectacles when it comes to issues of Africa and Uganda. Why do they think that going to the USA or, indeed, any non-African country is so important that if you are not allowed there, it will amount to a painful punishment? I know of no Country that is more beautiful than Uganda on Earth Planet. It is actually a sacrifice for me to visit any non-African country on account of bad weather, strange foods etc.

The facts on two nailed NRM supporters – Okoler Opio Enoch

Nkoma in Mbale District is where it is alleged that one Isaac Katoogo an ardent supporter of NRM and President Museveni was nailed.

It is alleged further that, he was nailed by unknown persons for carrying a speaker while playing the “Kadongo Kamu” song he composed praising Mr. Museveni.

Comparing his case and that of Baker Kasumba, the 21 year old who was allegedly nailed in the palm of his hands in Bwaise or around a few weeks ago, I do infer that, even though, the assailants in both cases are not known, the similarity betwixt the two incidences is to the effect that the tormenters of the two victims mean the same and most likely they are the same.

Deep Analysis: An unmask of the nightmare to Uganda’s criminal Justice System” – Denis Nyombi

My analysis in the wake of the rampant criminality kidnaps and subsequent muders, that shall be in 5 series of what i promised as an indepth analysis, of what i have observed and studied for long while as a criminal defence attorney, shall be named ” An unmask of the nightmare to Uganda’s criminal Justice System”
I will look at all the stakeholders in this system, to enable us understand where are we from, Why are we here and how did we get here.
In this, we shall be in position to underline and decrypt, what may be the definitive illustrate, of what is going on and where do we go from here.

First, lets take a detailed understanding of our police force. Until sometime in April 2014, the official name of the Uganda police, an agency of the Government was, Uganda Police Force. On that day, the then IGP Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura, publicly announced the name change from Uganda Police Force to Uganda National Police. However, the most popular name is Uganda Police (UP) or “popi” as most towns folks call it.

The gruesome nailing of NRM supporter exposes people power extremism and intolerance – Sam Evidence

I was shocked and traumatized after seeing the pictures of an NRM supporter who was hit and nailed by people power supporters. The young Man committed no offense apart from supporting the National Resistance Movement and expressing his support and love by putting on the yellow beret. The extremists and intolerant people Power supporters felt offended and wanted to end his life by nailing him instead of talking to him to win his heart to their side.

The Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, gives every Ugandan a right to belong to any Political party. The same Constitution gives rights to any ugandan to belong to any religion. We call it rights of faith. If a person chooses a Political party that you don’t support or like, you have to respect their choice and maybe if you want him to your side you talk to them nicely, when you win his heart then he can join you and nobody will blame you for that besides Political parties win by numbers.

The Negativity on our national airliner is unnecessary – Sam Evidence

It took us for a surprise when when we got the news that Uganda was in process of procuring new planes and reviving Uganda airlines. Most Ugandans thought it was joke and usual unfulfilled promises that government usually makes. This wasn’t the case this time around as we saw what was promised being brought here and yesterday commissioned to start work officially.

However, it’s very unfortunate that Ugandans in the opposition who feel they should oppose everything have started spreading all the negativity about our national airliner forgetting that it belongs to them. If there was any training school for people to learn how to oppose, I would refer Uganda’s opposition to that school. In order to get that training because they seem not to understand and to differentiate between Politics and Development of their own country. They seem not to understand what to oppose and what to leave.

Besigye, Byanyima and Nambooze the true NRM moles in opposition – Tugume Freedom

In the Launch of Alliance for National Transportation (ANT) plan to register It into a Party, Former Army commander, General Mugisha Muntu made this statement ” you said I am a mole? I am not, you will be surprised one day to know the real NRM moles!” He bitterly mused after the media reminded him how Besigye and FDC supporters destroyed him as a mole to deny him FDC Presidency.

Gen Muntu wanted a more structured grassroots based FDC Party to take power and have Members in Parliament to beat NRM. While Besigye insisted on a defiance, more of a joke engaging Musevei with Lukwago and Namboze on Kampala streets.

Ugandan Women can empower others

I have a strong belief that the fear of man kills all dreams and hope. Do not allow yourself to be paralized by fear. King Solomon wrote in the book of Proverbs 9:10 that “the fear of God is the start of wisdom.”

The future generation of Uganda deserves to be brought up in a country that is positively consistent and full of brave women like yourself who have the power to lead from within.

Today we are all thankful to be here, united, moving towards a common goal, vision and a collective agenda. The fight for freedom is not selfish, it is about our children, their children and a generation yet born. I find humor in the reality that you are just the messenger, it’s not about you. It is however powerful that you are all messengers of peace, unity and hope for a prosperous Uganda. We fight because we can and we are hopeful because no matter the disappointments that lie before and ahead of us,  hope is infinite.

Dr Stella Nyanzi pays the price of Stella Nyanzi – Denis Nyombi

They are two different persons. However, it’s literally hard to distinguish them especially if you have not come closer to one of the two.

STELLA NYANZI the feminist rights activist who practices what is called Radical Rudeness- a style termed in the 1940 journal of social History Vol. 39 No.3, 2006 pge 741-770, to put her discontent with the prevalent political status quo, across.

On the other hand, is Dr. STELLA NYANZI, a Ugandan Medical anthropologist and a scholar of sexuality, family planning and public health. A holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Mass communication and literature from MUK, and a holder of a PHD in social anthropology from London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine.

Political Sergeant Bobi Wine charged with annoying Museveni

Ugandan MP and musician Bobi Wine has been charged with intending to annoy, alarm or ridicule the president.

The new charge is an addition to a previous charge of treason.

In an alleged incident that led to his arrest, the MP and his colleagues are accused of hurling stones at the presidential convoy during an election rally in the northern town of Arua in 2018. If convicted, Wine faces up to life in prison.

Wealth creation ; President Museveni is spot -on – Moses Watasa

In the hugely insightful book, “Sowing the Mustard Seed”, Second Edition, page 317, President Museveni opines that; “Many families are simply by-standers as far as modern living is concerned. They only produce food for eating. Yet their needs are food and non-food needs. It is this situation that contributes to the problem of poverty in the villages”.

True because, in spite of a steadily growing and healthy GDP now totaling to USD 29.5 Billion (Ushs109.7 Trillion), 68% of Uganda’s population is still outside the monetised economy. Thus, increasing household incomes remains high on the President’s agenda. In the just concluded countrywide tour, his messaging has been anchored around 4 wealth creation pillars i.e. agriculture, industrialization, services and ICT.

Agriculture is a key segment of our economy, accounting for 25% of Uganda’s GDP and employing 70% of the population. A sector employing most Ugandans but contributing a quarter of our GDP is ‘symptomatic’ of low production/ productivity and minimal value addition.