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Why Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is the likely next Uganda President after Y K. Museveni

Lieutenant General Muhoozi Keinerugaba was born on 24th April 1974 in Dar es salaam Tanzania during Idi Amin Ddaada regime. Keinerugaba is the first son of Uganda’s president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (74) who has ruled Uganda since 1986, and Janate Museveni. Keinerugaba attended schools in Tanzania, he went to Mount Kenya Academy in Nyeri and to Sweden. When his father captured power in 1986 he attended Kampala Parents Primary school, Kings College Buddo shortly and after to St. Mary’s Kisubi. He graduated in 1994.

Top DP/People Power Women that will give NRM headache come 2021 elections

Come 2021 parliamentary and general elections Ugandans shall go to polls to vote for their preferred candidates in various elective posts being competed for by various political parties and independent candidates among which has become competitive the women positions. DP women leaders are poised to defeat NRM members come 2021

The Old Guard have turned into brutal oppressors of Youngest Country

South Sudan was born amid great hope but has since descended into war. It will take a new generation of leaders to make it a successful state

The euphoric birth of the world’s newest state was celebrated around the world. “A proud flag flies over Juba,” declared U.S. President Barack Obama, “and the map of the world has been redrawn.”

Historically, nudity killed few, extremism millions

Ahead of the Tel Aviv Pride Parade, celebrated Israeli author rejected criticism of the event in an interview with the Army Radio.

“As a historian, I can say that nudity has killed very few people throughout history; religious extremism has killed millions. Therefore, let’s solve this problem first, and then I am committed to facing the problem of people who participate in the Pride Parade shirtless,” he said in an interview with Army Radio.

Why its important to build political party structures – Maseruka Sadat (youth coordinator ANT)

In any political setup in Africa Political parties perform many tasks both during election campaigns and between elections. Since much of the work of policy-making, ideological changes, and candidate selection take place within the parties rather than in the public domain, this makes it important to look at the internal functioning of political parties.

It is common to demand a certain degree of internal democracy in political parties, and even though the concept is not very well defined, some features can be identified. Accountability of party leadership, procedures for consultation with party members (and the electorate as a whole), local and regional representation within the party , and transparent candidate selection are some building blocs for internal democracy.

General Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior considered an enemy of Dinkas

It isn’t possible that people who’ve been struggling together against a common enemy for nearly six decades could turn in the end against themselves as if nothing strategic bounded them together. Many people in the civilized world find it difficult to comprehend South Sudanese leaders’ attitude towards their country and people.

South Sudan has been at war since 2013 in which more than half a million people perished; four to five million South Sudanese dislocated from their natural habitats and are living in the forests, swamps, in UNMISS Protection of Civilians Camps or in Refugee Camps in Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and the DR Congo.

Dr Riek Ma char’s phd has been wasted in superstition

It is a known fact that South Sudanese from all walks of life contributed in the liberation struggle but today, much credit seems to be attributed to few elites in the leadership, especially those with PhD’s. Whilst it is true, learnt leaders have the proficiency to steer the country in the right direction, not all those with PhD’s have the same competence.

Some with their PhD’s are dragging the country into catastrophe. A clear example is SPLA IO’s leader, Dr. Riek Machar whose supporters have gone as far as branding him a gigantic, visionary and able leader, almost making him enjoy infallible status in the political arena just because of his PhD in Engineering.

The Economic Cost of Museveni’s Patronage and Client Politics: A Case of Tax to GDP Ratio – Okidi Chris

By now you may be aware that your beloved country- Uganda that former Imperial British Prime Minister Winston Churchill referred to as the ‘pearl of Africa’ is actually not the pearl of Africa when it comes to tax to GDP ratio and in broader economic sense, may be then.

Actually Uganda posts the worst GDP to tax to GDP ratio and lags behind her sub Saharan regional peers. The regional average stands at 15.8 percent while Uganda’s tax to GDP ratio is 14 percent far below the 16 percent what the country set out to achieve in its National Development Plan II (NDP II).

FDC is cheating by dodging IPOD meetings – Sam Evidence

My mother used to employ people who would help in cultivation especially in the rain season, the two parties would talk before and agree on which day they should work together in the garden. However some people would at times fail to show up on the agreed day and that was referred to as “Okurebya” however me I understood it in another way. I took it as cheating because how on Earth would you agree with someone and when the day reaches you don’t show up? Remember someone has prepared food for you and everything needed for the progress of that program.

How Museveni has prepared for Bobi Wine’s ‘Get National IDs’ campaign – shocking

Nalubega K. Joan explains how President Museveni Museveni has promoted Ugandans travelling to Arab world for employment opportunities vacating their country as he regesters foreigners to vote in 2021.
Nalubega writes;

What could be Mr. Ssenyonyi’s Mission? – Frank Asiimwe

Mr. Ssenyonyi joel is surely a bright guy, but just like Abed Bwanika and all others in people power, I suspect he also could be trying to use Bobi Wine to harness his own political ambitions.

I do not see him wasting his blossoming prowess in the media field with a purport less and confused group like People Power.

Museveni’s new country tour set to transform Uganda – Sam Evidence

President Museveni has embarked on regional tours where he meets with the leaders at the district, sub county and opinion leaders, listen to the residents and also hold radio talk shows. Its the mandate of the leader to make sure he spares time out of office to reach out to the people he is leading to listen to them and get solutions to a number of problems they’ve and that’s what the President is doing.

Rwanda, Uganda strongmen feud takes toll on citizen

The people living on either side of the Ugandan-Rwandan border at Katuna never much considered the boundary: children crossed for school, workers moved freely and trade thrived.

That harmony evaporated in February when Rwanda abruptly closed the crossing, with queues of cargo trucks and thronging merchants turned back as soldiers from both armies marshalled along the forest-clad border.

Opposition silent about salary increment of MPs! Why?- Sam Evidence

There’s a cartoon I have always seen on social media of an ailing cow being milked by a fat looking human being, perhaps the cow hadn’t been fed for a while but the person still wanted milk from it and he didn’t care whether the cow collapses or survives after milking.

The pay rise for members of Parliament is unpatriotic and since they’ve powers to do so, we might not be able to stop them but accept it.
Members of Parliament go to same markets and shops that local people who have no salaries go to. If we have any problems of costs of living we the local people suffer it most.

Museveni, don’t you see you are suffocating us – Semujju Nganda

In 2016, Mr. Museveni’s government adopted what it called Economic and Commercial Diplomacy policy.

It aimed at using the now 36 Ugandan missions to promote Uganda as a good destination for vacation, investment and source of quality produce.

Being a poor with chronic financial stress, the policy was piloted at the beginning with about four embassies, including Berlin and Abu Dhabi. More than Shs 4 billion was sank in. This policy has become of age and is supposed to be rolled out at all the 36 missions next financial year that begins in July.

Its the Uganda Opposition that is ‘volongoto’ not Museveni – Sam Evidence

I am not a musician but I love music, of recent Uganda’s music has turned into politics with political messages sent through several songs. Almost each month we must have a political song released. With Bobi Wine a Ugandan musician turning into an opposition leader most of his colleagues have copied from him, getting automatically subscribed to the opposition side and singing songs against the government and head of State.