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Besigye, Byanyima and Nambooze the true NRM moles in opposition – Tugume Freedom

In the Launch of Alliance for National Transportation (ANT) plan to register It into a Party, Former Army commander, General Mugisha Muntu made this statement ” you said I am a mole? I am not, you will be surprised one day to know the real NRM moles!” He bitterly mused after the media reminded him how Besigye and FDC supporters destroyed him as a mole to deny him FDC Presidency.

Gen Muntu wanted a more structured grassroots based FDC Party to take power and have Members in Parliament to beat NRM. While Besigye insisted on a defiance, more of a joke engaging Musevei with Lukwago and Namboze on Kampala streets.

Ugandan Women can empower others

I have a strong belief that the fear of man kills all dreams and hope. Do not allow yourself to be paralized by fear. King Solomon wrote in the book of Proverbs 9:10 that “the fear of God is the start of wisdom.”

The future generation of Uganda deserves to be brought up in a country that is positively consistent and full of brave women like yourself who have the power to lead from within.

Today we are all thankful to be here, united, moving towards a common goal, vision and a collective agenda. The fight for freedom is not selfish, it is about our children, their children and a generation yet born. I find humor in the reality that you are just the messenger, it’s not about you. It is however powerful that you are all messengers of peace, unity and hope for a prosperous Uganda. We fight because we can and we are hopeful because no matter the disappointments that lie before and ahead of us,  hope is infinite.

Dr Stella Nyanzi pays the price of Stella Nyanzi – Denis Nyombi

They are two different persons. However, it’s literally hard to distinguish them especially if you have not come closer to one of the two.

STELLA NYANZI the feminist rights activist who practices what is called Radical Rudeness- a style termed in the 1940 journal of social History Vol. 39 No.3, 2006 pge 741-770, to put her discontent with the prevalent political status quo, across.

On the other hand, is Dr. STELLA NYANZI, a Ugandan Medical anthropologist and a scholar of sexuality, family planning and public health. A holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Mass communication and literature from MUK, and a holder of a PHD in social anthropology from London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine.

Political Sergeant Bobi Wine charged with annoying Museveni

Ugandan MP and musician Bobi Wine has been charged with intending to annoy, alarm or ridicule the president.

The new charge is an addition to a previous charge of treason.

In an alleged incident that led to his arrest, the MP and his colleagues are accused of hurling stones at the presidential convoy during an election rally in the northern town of Arua in 2018. If convicted, Wine faces up to life in prison.

Wealth creation ; President Museveni is spot -on – Moses Watasa

In the hugely insightful book, “Sowing the Mustard Seed”, Second Edition, page 317, President Museveni opines that; “Many families are simply by-standers as far as modern living is concerned. They only produce food for eating. Yet their needs are food and non-food needs. It is this situation that contributes to the problem of poverty in the villages”.

True because, in spite of a steadily growing and healthy GDP now totaling to USD 29.5 Billion (Ushs109.7 Trillion), 68% of Uganda’s population is still outside the monetised economy. Thus, increasing household incomes remains high on the President’s agenda. In the just concluded countrywide tour, his messaging has been anchored around 4 wealth creation pillars i.e. agriculture, industrialization, services and ICT.

Agriculture is a key segment of our economy, accounting for 25% of Uganda’s GDP and employing 70% of the population. A sector employing most Ugandans but contributing a quarter of our GDP is ‘symptomatic’ of low production/ productivity and minimal value addition.

Pelted bottle on Magistrate Kamasanyu the bad , good & ugly , awake up call

The judiciary with a mandate to justice was not in place to independently deal with this …..

Uganda is slowly running back as we are witnessing constraints that are delaying access to justice , the high cost of justice , case backlogs and high prison postulation , inefficiency and lack of effective procedural guidelines.

Every system drives its mandate from the people as enshrined in the constitution of 1995 .

What happened  at the trial of Dr Stella Nyanzi has been condemned by human rights activists globally saying its an attack on the freedom of expression.

Bobi Wine is now Besigye’s tool, reason DP Bloc is shocked, says Rwomushana

Former state spy turned government critique Charles Rwomushana accuses People Power principal Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu of  working  for FDC’s Dr. Kiiza Besigye.

Rwomushana who embraced UYD/DP Makerere reunion during his presentation at Makerere Rugby ground in May last year. Through his Facebook , he said  that external forces influencing Dr. Besigye backed hon. Kyagulanyi’s unveiled coordinators list last week.

Ugandans create a narrative , Agenda to influence political decisions and acquire political power – Patricia Namyalo

What is political power?

Political power is the ability to influence political decisions by creating an agenda and narrative that politicians can listen to, identify with, respect and implement. It is also the ability to effectively change a predetermined political agenda and overturn the narrative that does not serve the purpose to which the people’s rights are fairly heard and protected.

How can we influence politics and change the tides if we are under the belief that we are on the losing end? How do we change a predetermined agenda that politicians in Uganda have set for us if we have no power?

Full Text: statement of guidance to DP Bloc members – Norbert Mao

DP’s president general Norbert Mao has come out to react on the on going debate among Ugandans mainly opposition forces of change in Uganda  lead by the different players.

Below is Norbert Mao communique to the DP Bloc members .

“Statement of Guidance by DP President Norbert Mao to DP Bloc members

We have followed with interest the debates going on concerning prospects for a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) bringing together all democracy seeking forces with the aim of ousting the Museveni regime. The DP Bloc has developed a comprehensive framework for such a vehicle and believes it is the only answer to the citizen’s outcry for change. Our people want us to unite and we must not let them down.

Can a nation be run on prophecy ? – Joseph Kabuleta

The year was 1979 and America was desperate to free its hostages who had been held in Iran.

With very scanty intelligence information to go by, they resorted to using the supernatural.

In an operation code-named Grill Flame, half a dozen psychics working inside a dimly-lit room in an ancient building in Fort Meade, Maryland, tried to peer through the ether to see where the hostages were being held and how tightly they were guarded.

Kabuleta’s ordeal and downside of militarizing Uganda Police – Norbert Mao

Last week’s media breeze was all about the arrest and alleged torture of Joseph Kabuleta and the cost of speaking truth to power. This gifted writer and gospel preacher also writes and speaks about the violence, corruption, sectarianism, propaganda, deceit and manipulation at the heart of the Museveni regime.

He has not spared the Opposition either which he accuses of duplicity, lack of focus and a failure to give Ugandans a heartfelt motive to embrace their message. He thinks our mantra of unity is uninspiring and suspect that it evokes images of another set of power hungry leaders merely seeking their turn to eat!

Massive turn up of LDU recruitment a sign of patriotism – Sam Evidence

On Monday evening while looking through posts on my Facebook account I came across a picture of a young man from my parish and nearby trading center who was caught stealing goats from the village and the goats had been tied on him and was beaten badly locals. In the picture he looked to be in alot of pain and I think he would have been killed if one of the people didn’t get kind and rescue him from the angry locals.

This happens because of poverty and increasing unemployment in the youth. Several youth have nothing to do and yet they would want a good life and also youth have daily necessities to pay for. That’s how they end up in acts of theft and sometimes they’re caught and killed losing miserably like that. Even those who are being caught in capital offences like Killing boda boda men are youth, they’re doing so because they want money. Had they been having some money they wouldn’t be involving themselves in crimes. The most funny thing about employment is that both the Educated and non Educated both want jobs though jobs they do vary.

My Story: The Muhoozi Kainerugaba I Know – Giles Muhame

In 2011, ChimpReports reached out to then Brigadier General Kainerugaba Muhoozi for a profile interview.

His associates said he was always busy or out of town.
He still is hard to get.
When I asked why Muhoozi could not spare at least 30 minutes for an interview, I was told he was a “very, very busy person.”
Somehow, we gave up.

Its wrong to seek popularity through insulting Museveni – Sam Evidence

In the Campaigns of last general elections I did alot of activism on social media. I and several other youth supported the Rt Hon Amama Mbabazi and our activism on social media was against the government.

Each piece I posted on Facebook got so many likes and comments of people praising me, telling me that am a great man. I became so popular that some of the Facebook posts would be read on local radios. However on the same threads of those comments I would get other comments of people who would be against me and in support of President Museveni. These ones got a hard time because they were few so we used to over power them using numbers. I think Government had not yet realized the importance and effectiveness of the internet such that it puts it’s people to do the same job we were doing.

Understanding the crisis around Uganda’s Labour export policy or the lack of it – Byamugisha Moses


In my pursuit to understand the challenges of Ugandans providing Labour in the Arab world, I have interfaced with various people and I would like to share with you what I have learnt.

It’s very important to note that the gulf region initially has a small population, but has since been involved in doing a lot of investments especially using the money they get from oil amongst other revenue sources. Upon this background, there is a great demand for the labor both skilled and unskilled labour and as such, the citizens within the gulf region take mostly the skilled jobs while the immigrant workers fill the space for domestic labour like security, construction jobs, house maids, nurses, chefs, waiters and the rest.

Mr president , you spoke well ; Katikiro was misleading the public – Sam Evidence

The President of Uganda is on tour to spread the news of wealth creation all over the country, as it has been his culture to hold press conferences targeting the people in the region he visits , the President did the same to the people of Central region a few days back. Shortly after finishing his press briefing he was asked a number of Questions which included the question about government giving license to coffee farmers and the journalists who asked question used Mr Peter Mayiga’s speech as reference.

It’s from there that the President replied the journalist saying the “Katikiro should stop that nonsense” something that didn’t go well with a number of people with some people calling it disrespectful and a number of things they added. They say the president should have addressed the Katikiro with Respect, I don’t understand which Respect, if the Katikiro didn’t Respect himself by seeking correct information before speaking in public why then should the President hold him with high respect.