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South Sudan to boost oil exploration after new oil discovery

Speaking to reporters in the capital, Juba on Thursday, Chuang said the discovery of the new oil well in Adar oilfields proves the young nation still possess huge amounts of unexploited resources.

“We want to go to the next level of exploration because we have not been fully engaged in exploration in the last few years probably because of instability,” Chuang said.

“With peace coming now, we will be able to move forward and do more exploration.”

Chinese organized crime a more potent threat to Kenya than debt

“I have carried salt and removed lead”, laments Yeshua ben Sira in the Book of Wisdom, a Christian canon, “and I have not seen anything heavier than that a man should pay back a debt when he did not borrow.”

Had he lived in Kenya, his lament would have been as relevant today as it was then. After all we are now paying back billions of shillings in loans taken in our names for unpopular projects whose viability remains questionable and whose costs were almost certainly inflated.

Historic 17th-century Dutch shipwreck discovered near South African beach

Archaeologists In South Africa have found the long-lost wreck of a Dutch merchant ship that played a crucial role in the country’s colonial history.

The Dutch East India Company vessel “Haarlem,” or “Nieuw Haarlem,” stranded in Table Bay on the evening of March 25, 1647.

Robbers attack deputy Governor’s convoy, kill three policemen, civilian

Armed persons on Tuesday attacked the convoy of Nasarawa State Deputy Governor,Emmanuel Akabe, killing three policemen and a civilian.

Mr Akabe was on his way to Abuja on an official engagement when the convoy ran into the attackers, suspected to be armed robbers.

More than 115 migrants feared dead off Libya coast

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said on Tuesday it fears that a boat packed with migrants sunk off the Libyan coast with more than a hundred people dead.

“We have every reason to fear the worst – that over 100 lives were lost and nobody will ever know for sure,” MSF said in a statement on Twitter.

DP’s Okidi and FDC’s Walid snub Museveni meeting with IYOP at State House today

President Yoweri Museveni is set to meet the leadership of the Inter Party Youth Platform (IYOP) at 3:00 PM today at Statehouse Entebbe. The platform which brings together youth leaders from 8 political parties: FDC, DP/UYD, NRM, PPP, UFA, JEEMA, UPC, CP is currently chaired by the NRM Youth League under Gaddafi Nasur. The leadership of IYOP just like IPOD is rotational among the member parties.

With just a couple of hours to the scheduled meeting panic has set us among organisers because both the UYD leader Christopher Okidi and the FDC National Youth League Chairman Walid Lubega Mulindwa are indisposed. Their Secretaries too Rita Nakyanzi and Joan Alobo too are not answering their phones.

Former Sudan president Bashir’s cronies tried to break him out of jail ahead of trial

Sudan’s former president Omar al-Bashir appeared in a Khartoum court for the first day of his high-profile corruption trial on Monday, against a backdrop of heightened security following a failed attempt to break him out of prison, CNN has learned.

Elements loyal to the 75-year-old, who was ousted in a military coup in April following a protracted popular uprising, tried to free him from the notorious high security Kober prison June, according to a police statement .

Angola to Rwanda – Uganda make peace, tables draft proposal on resolving stand-off

Angola will this week on Wednesday host the second Quadripartite Summit in the capital Luanda, as part of the effort to seek a negotiated resolution to the stand-off between Rwanda and Uganda.

According to an official, Rwanda and Uganda are expected to consider a proposal on the way forward made by Angola.

Olivier Nduhungirehe, the State Minister in Charge of East African Community at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, confirmed the development in an interview with The New Times.

Government mafias are hunting for my sweet life Minister Anite cries to Museveni

Government mafias are hunting for my life Minister Anite cries to Museveni

Uganda’s state minister of Finance for Investment and privatization Evenly Anite claims that there’s a clique of government mafias that want to kill her.

Sudanese celebrate new deal on transition to civilian rule

Rapturous crowds filled the streets of Khartoum Saturday as Sudan’s generals and protest leaders signed a historic deal paving the way to civilian rule.

Thousands of cheering people gathered around the Friendship Hall next to the Nile, where the documents that will govern Sudan’s 39-month transition were signed.

“This is the biggest celebration I have ever seen in my country. We have a new Sudan,” said Saba Mohammed, a veiled 37-year woman, waving a small plastic flag.

Leaked memo: Uganda is the real threat to South Sudan peace

South Sudan civil war will never be resolved peacefully if the East African regional bloc, IGAD, stands idly while Uganda wage a double standard role in the war-wracked young nation, an IGAD secretariat internal memo leaked to the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) shows.

The documented dated August 15, 2019, claims that the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is the real threat to peace in South Sudan and that South Sudan has become the second source on income for the Ugandan leader.

Islamic Movement leader claims harassment at India hospital : returns to Nigeria

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), Ibrahim El Zakzaky is on his way to Nigeria from the Indian hospital where he had gone to receive medical attention.

The spokesperson for the IMN, Ibrahim Musa, said Mr El-Zakzaky began his return journey to Abuja at 5 p.m. Nigerian time.
A video clip posted on Twitter also showed Mr El-Zakzaky explaining that the Indian hospital had agreed to allow him and his wife Zeenat to come back to Nigeria, following a stalemate over the choice of doctors to attend to them and the terms of treatment.

Sudan protest group nominates Prime Minister

Sudan’s protest leaders agreed Thursday to nominate former senior UN official Abdalla Hamdok as the first prime minister of the country’s three-year transition government, two protest leaders told whisper eye media team.

The veteran economist, who stepped down last year as deputy executive secretary of the UN’s Economic Commission for Africa, is due to be formally selected on August 20.

“The leaders of the Alliance for Freedom and Change have fully agreed to nominate Abdalla Hamdok,” one of the protest umbrella’s leaders said, asking not to be named.

Dr. Besigye’s wife Byanyima new UNAIDS top job, Kenyans are celebrating

Uganda’s opposition leader Rtd. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye’s wife Winnie Byanyima Besigye named the UNAIDS Executive Director.

Byanyima who has been the Executive Director of Oxfam International since May 1st, 2013 hooks a new big job as she shines more on the international scene.

IGAD: Machar must reclaim his post as South Sudan’s first vice president

South Sudan’s ex- vice president Riek Machar returns to Khartoum

It seems regional bloc IGAD still believes Riek Machar should return to Juba to reclaim his post as first vice president. That’s despite comments from the U.S. that the replacement issue is an internal matter for South Sudan.

North Korea Launched Cyber attacks Against Nigeria To Raise Money For Weapons Of Mass Destruction -Report