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South Sudan: Journey of a thousand kisses ~ Long John

Please note that this is based on true events, however a little bit exaggerated.

Achol’s mother ‘aa col piou’ (had a black heart). 1996, after lessons from series of movies, ranging from John Rambo, to Sinbad, to Conan the barbarian, and to the most watched soap, Maria De los Angelos, just like the other boys, I had just learned a thing or two about romance, and I could with ease tell the difference between boys and girls and so graduated from the compulsory ‘gay squad’.

Achol was my first approach in the quest to emulating Jorge De La Rosa. Her mother and Timothy Mulinge, a Kenyan, a classmate who had compound eyes and had by then kept the eye witness status on Achol, but kept at bay by the language, made it hard for me to at least take my ‘heartbeat’ for a packet of 5 Kenyan Shillings chips date at ‘mulima B’ (Mountain B).

My wife is NRM , am DP ;Minister Kiyingi celebrate marriage anniversary with her DP hubby

State minister for children and youth Nakiwala Florence Kiyingi has celebrated marriage anniversary marking 21 years in holy marriage, with her DP husband MP Kiyingi Deogratiaus.

The colourful event was organised at Mareku-Buyoga in Kibinge Sub-County, Bukomansimbi district.

Minister Kiyingi invited many people including those from the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) her new party.

CNN’s Don Lemon accused of assault in sexually charged encounter at New York bar

CNN primetime host Don Lemon was accused of a bizarre, sexually charged assault of a bartender in New York’s tony Hamptons last year in a civil suit filed earlier this week.

Dustin Hice, of Florida, stated in the lawsuit that he was living in the Hamptons and working at The Old Stove Pub in Sagaponack during the summer of 2018. On July 15, after closing, Hice claimed he left with the owner and co-workers to party at another bar, Murf’s Backstreet Tavern, in Sag Harbor, where they saw Lemon.

FBI search sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s home in Virgin Islands

The FBI says agents are on the grounds of the U.S. Virgin Islandshome of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein
The bureau confirmed to Fox News that agents were at his Little Saint James Island home in St. Thomas, but did not provide details.
The notorious island took on a string of nicknames over the years, including “Pedophile Island” and “Orgy Island.”

The 66-year-old Epstein was known to frequent the lush property in the U.S. Virgin Islands. What’s more, an employee who reportedly worked there has claimed the wealthy financier kept a mysterious safe inside the main residence.

Drunken sex video of Israel teens’ gang rape accuser goes viral

A British tourist held in Cyprus for allegedly making false claims of gang-rape is the victim of ‘revenge porn’, her legal team said on Tuesday.
The 19-year-old woman’s lawyer said Israeli youths cleared of assaulting her had sent friends a video of the Briton having drunken sex which had since gone viral.

Andreas Pittadjis said the explicit video had been ‘seen by the world’. He insisted the act of circulating the material was a far more serious offence than the charge faces.

Talaq: India criminalizes Muslim ‘instant divorce’

India’s parliament has approved a bill that makes the Muslim practice of “instant divorce” a criminal offense.
“Triple talaq”, as it’s known, allows a husband to divorce his wife by repeating the word “talaq” (divorce) three times in any form, including email or text message.

The Supreme Court declared the practice unconstitutional in 2017.
Supporters say the new measure protects Muslim women. Opponents say the punishment is harsh and open to misuse.

Attorney General Byaruhanga wants Succession bill shelved

The Attorney General, William Byaruhanga has asked Parliament to shelve the Succession (Amendment) Bill, 2018 because government will table comprehensive property-related bills in two weeks’ time.

Byaruhanga made the appeal on Wednesday while appearing before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee.  The bill was in May moved by Mbarara Woman MP, Kajungu Mutambi.

The Bill among other things seeks to amend the Succession Act, 1906 to conform to the Constitution of Uganda for gender equality and also repeal unconstitutional provisions, to eliminate discrimination regarding customary heirs and heiresses and to protect principal residential property of the surviving spouse.

Senior Norwegian politician abused his power to convince asylum seekers to have sex with him

Svein Ludvigsen told vulnerable refugees he could deport them if they refused his demands for sex, judge hears

One of Norway’s most prominent politicians has been convicted of abusing his power to force three young men seeking asylum in the country to have sex with him.

Mimi De Boss lashes out at Bad Black boyfriend ‘Sky West’

Uganda’s slay queen Chanitah Bradley Ptt commonly known as Bad Black may be facing another relationship breakup following what has reached Whisper Eye media desk.
The young boy of bad black a former convict known as Sky West, 24 criticised for being the wife of bad black wants to quit his relationship with a heavily pregnant bad black and fly to Trump’s land in the USA.

Michael Jackson 10th anniversary of his death celebrated at his last home in Los Angeles

Michael Jackson fans from around the world gathered here on Tuesday to commemorate the King of Pop on the 10th anniversary of his death.

The commemorations were held at Jackson’s last home in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, where the singer received a fatal dose of the anesthetic propofol on the afternoon of June 25, 2009.

Uganda’s 7 year old :- ‘Katabira Liam’ a finest comic creative writer

Uganda’s 7 year old boy is probably the latest talent in Uganda after Fresh Kid in Music. As Uganda is yet to realize that the country is a wash with talents of the young ones,
Years back in Uganda we were subjected to a lot of comic books such as Super Strikers which involved football related matters,  Kikosi .

A lot of us read them for simply entertainment and couldn’t wait for another issue to come out but there were silent lessons we learnt in the process.

These books surely gave us childhood memories worth cherishing for a lifetime.

Gangnam: The sex hunters; scandal rocking the playground of K-pop

Seungri, a singer in one of the world’s most famous boy bands, Big Bang, was questioned by police over allegations he was procuring prostitutes for his business and had embezzled funds at Burning Sun, a nightclub he part-owned in the exclusive Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea.

Several of his celebrity K-pop friends were also caught sharing sex videos and bragging in a chat room about raping women. One by one, Korean heartthrobs more used to being mobbed by fans found themselves fending off reporters as they made their way to the police station to face questions from drug-taking to rape.

Entrepreneur ‘Yusuf Mutyaba’ proposes to his girlfriend

Yusuf 27 , proposed to his girlfriend (name withheld) at a private function in Kampala , Serena Hotel pool side.

The Kats Financial services CEO Yusuf Mutyaba 27, went down on one knee at Serena Hotel Pool Side in Kampala to propose to his longtime girlfriend, on June 15, 2019. 

Turkey’s Erdogan is best man at footballer Mesut Ozil’s wedding

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was the best man at German footballer Mesut Ozil’s wedding on Friday.

Ozil, who has Turkish roots, sparked a furore when he posed in photos with Mr Erdogan before the World Cup last year.

Hon Norbert Mao officially divorces wife Naomi

The High Court in Kampala has officially allowed Democratic Party president Norbert Mao to divorce with his wife, Naomi Acheng Odongo.

Odongo in 2017 filed for divorce citing acts of cruelty from her husband which she said had forced their marriage to break down irreversibly and asked court to officially divorce them.

In response, Mao too admitted both lovers who had got married in August 2003 could no longer stay together

What happened to introduction ceremony of Barbie Kyagulanyi’s brother?

The family of MP Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine is in the limelight largely owing to Bobi Wine’s political ambition. However, this family is celebrating more than political rallies. It is also celebrating love . Over the weekend, Barbie Kyagulanyi’s brother, Solomon Baron was introduced to the parents of his fiancee, Esther in a Kinyarwanda ceremony