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Gen Muntu ANT roots for West Nile support

The Alliance for National Transformation-ANT has launched a drive to recruit party supporters and district coordinators in West Nile ahead of the 2021 elections.

In a regional training on strategies for mobilization, recruitment and registration of members held in Arua town on Tuesday, more than one hundred supporters from the eleven districts of West Nile were taken through the party guidelines and direction for the upcoming elections.

Mugisha Muntu, the President Alliance for National Transformation political ANT asked members in the region to avoid friction with other political parties.

He explained that ANT’s key agenda is to first be deep-rooted, change the culture of politics and become a stabilizing factor in the politics of Uganda and then take power.

Ambassador Edith Grace Sempala, the national coordinator women and youth in ANT urged the party supporters to mobilize and encourage other members to join the party. the country.

The party was officially launched in May this year and is registered as a political party in Uganda.