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Dr. Peter Kyomohendo passes pronounced dead

Dr. Peter Kyomohendo husband to Professor Grace Bantebya who recently threaten to sell the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Chambers and buildings has been pronounced dead.

It’s said that Dr. Peter collapsed and was rushed to IHK where he was pronounced dead.

In 2009, Dr. Patrick Peter Kyomuhendo and professor Grace Bantebya Kyomuhendo filed a civil suit against the Omukama of Bunyoro Kitara alleging that his agents/officials had illegally evicted him from his piece of land and house located in the precincts of Karuziika palace in Bujwahya LC I in Hoima town.

He recently announced in news papers through Majjimoto auctioneers and bailiffs property in bide to sell Kingdom Chambers unless the judgement debtor pays all the principal sum of 211M.

The complainants constructed a permanent house within Karuziika Palace land at the time when Kingdoms had been abolished by the then President Dr. Milton Obote.

When Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom was restored and it’s properties restituted, the complainants were asked to vacate the Palace premises because their continued stay in the palace premises was contrary to security and cultural etiquettes of the palace. 

The complainants refused to vacate the premises and opted to drag the Bunyoro King to court. However, the Kingdom filed it’s defence, explaining the justification and legal mandate of repossessing it’s restituted properties. 

The Kingdom prayed for a dismissal of the case with Costs but the matter went up to the court of appeal and in January 2017, the application by the complainants was dismissed with costs and the matter was referred to Hoima chief magistrates court for retrial. 

The Kingdom hasn’t yet filed and taxed it’s bill of costs as awarded by the Court of Appeal. While at Hoima chief magistrates court, the Kingdom applied to have the matter referred for mediation and court concurred with the submission.