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We can do it alone as People Power – Okoler Opio Enoch

My colleague whose Identity I won’t disclose here holds the opinion that, we were rigged in Hoima because Mr. Museveni vowed to have that slot under all circumstances.

Well, civility requires that I respect his viewpoint even though we disagree on it.

Our only point of agreement, not in toto is that, the disagreements in opposition consciously or subconsciously orchestrated by the conduct of a few of our colleagues in People Power certainly negated our bid. That we agree until the point of asking to what extent did the same create effects to our detriment? He argues that, the effects were so insignificant that even without such we would still be rigged, that left him without reasons as to why we lost save the reason he gave and those advanced by Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi

On the contrary, I think that our inability to protect the victory in Hoima is absolutely the result of the struggle for supremacy in opposition which consequently ushered in an antithetical dichotomy of People Power on one part and FDC and DP on the other.

The implication of such antithetical segments is that, it does not only deprive us of the ability to astutely plan on how to disable the rigging machinery of the state, but also creates a team devoid of trust for each other among members the effect of which, inter alia, is that acts done in good faith will also be questioned thus widening the existing cracks consequently killing team spirit.

That is what happened in Hoima.

That said, I wish to corroborate my argument by paraphrasing the statements made by comrade Mwaka Lutukmoi that, NRM is determined to win elections in Uganda under all circumstances, if not genuinely, then, through rigging. The few slots we have as opposition are because the NRM rigging machinery was disabled by the vigilance of those in opposition involved in elections in such areas.

Simply put, NRM does not lose, their rigging machinery is just disabled.

Therefore, I find the reasoning that we lost because Mr. Museveni had vowed to have the slot at whatever cost as being not tenable. He has vowed and yet lost in Kyadondo East, Rukungiri, Jinja East, Bugiri, Arua and also in his “Mecca” Luwero twice to Hon. Nabukenya Brenda(DP)

In the general elections of 2016, the opposition lost NRM’s Mecca because there was lack of vigilance on our part. Everybody was engaged in their campaigns.

In a WhatsApp group, one of those whose names were identified as to have caused commotion among opposition forces in Hoima posted while apologizing for her conduct but also, she stated expressly that, she was executing “orders from above”. One wonders”Orders from above” in opposition! Whoever that is above? My guess is as good as yours, but as we guess, it is important to note that the leader of People Power has not publicly condemned the conduct of his members whose names have been blacklisted.

In such circumstances, I think that it is inevitable to be in agreement with common sense and logic.

Be that as it may, the other argument that we were rigged because of the vastness of the electoral area is the same reason we needed more opposition forces to buttress our bid, which unfortunately, were repelled by those in People Power who probably thought that they could do it alone.

The mentality “we can do it alone” is deadly. With it in 2021 elections, we are bound to play the part of victims.