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Ugandans warned of water contamination as rainy season sets in

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The Ministry of Health predicts an increase in water borne diseases from September to November.

In a statement released last night, the Ministry warned that as the second rainy season sets in, there will be contamination of water sources and floods washing away the latrines leading to disease.

The Ministry is appealing to people to boil or add chlorine to drinking water, avoid eating cold food, avoid collecting water from wells or springs and seek treatment as soon as they notice symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and fever. Already, they noted that there’s already an outbreak of cholera in different parts of the country with a total of 241 confirmed cases in the districts of Kyegegwa, Bududa, Kisoro, Isingiro and Busia.

Two people have already succumbed to the disease. According to Henry Mwebesa, the Director General Health Services, this week 12 new cases of cholera were investigated and found positive among patients who reported to Nabulola Health Center Ill and Dubani Mission hospital in Busia district.

He said they have since established cholera treatment centers in all the affected districts and added that apart from Bududa and Busia, the outbreak in other areas happened in refugee settlement areas of Kyaka ll, Nakivale and Oruchinga.

In Bududa, oral cholera vaccination was carried out in 23 parishes. Apart from cholera, experts say cases of dysentery, bilharzia and malaria may intensify too.