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Uganda opposition party youth leader condemns xenophobia in South Africa

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Democratic Party (DP) National Youth Leader Okidi Christopher condemned the ongoing Xenophobic violence in the Republic of South Africa.

A number of people especially those from Nigeria, among other countries including Uganda have been tortured and brutally killed.

“We commiserate with the families that have lost loved ones in this horrendous and primitive act of violence in a country that owes the rest of Africa a lot for their sacrifices to end apartheid.” Says Mr Okidi.

Mr Okidi said that they are aware and contends that the end of the egregious system of administration called apartheid.

And the struggles of the Africa National Congress (ANC) and its armed wing Umkonto We Sizwe would have been in vain and Botha, Declerk’s apartheid would have continued unabated if the rest of Africa had played a by standing role.

However the whole of Africa stood in solidarity and made great logistical and other vital sacrifices necessary for South Africa to end apartheid including trade abstinence.

Uganda too made an immense contribution for this struggle which includes a training ground for Umkonto We Sizwe in Uganda.

He argues that when Nelson Mandela Madiba took charge many African countries reestablished economic cooperation with South Africa.

Lifted economic sanctions which were imposed on the former apartheid regime and as a result many business of South African origin are thriving in other parts of Africa including Uganda.

The result is many Ugandans and Africans live in South Africa doing business and offering professional services due to this economic cooperation and interdependence.

“We urge South Africans to take heed of the message by Julius Sello Malema earlier this year urging them to treat Africans as fellows brothers, be your brothers keeper, and not fall in the trap to the colonial boundaries created by imperialists.” Okidi stated.

“Brotherhood in Africa should not be determined by a group of self seeking idlers toasting champagne in Berlin in 1884.” He added.

DP Party youths calls on the South African authorities to take practical measures to ensure the safety of ‘foreigners’ and tough disciplinary measures on complicit government official who fuel it.

On Monday DP youths plans to peacefully march to South African High Commission in Kampala.