The gruesome nailing of NRM supporter exposes people power extremism and intolerance - Sam Evidence - Whisper Eye

The gruesome nailing of NRM supporter exposes people power extremism and intolerance – Sam Evidence

I was shocked and traumatized after seeing the pictures of an NRM supporter who was hit and nailed by people power supporters. The young Man committed no offense apart from supporting the National Resistance Movement and expressing his support and love by putting on the yellow beret. The extremists and intolerant people Power supporters felt offended and wanted to end his life by nailing him instead of talking to him to win his heart to their side.

The Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, gives every Ugandan a right to belong to any Political party. The same Constitution gives rights to any ugandan to belong to any religion. We call it rights of faith. If a person chooses a Political party that you don’t support or like, you have to respect their choice and maybe if you want him to your side you talk to them nicely, when you win his heart then he can join you and nobody will blame you for that besides Political parties win by numbers.

It’s very unfortunate that people power and it’s supporters are not respecting the Constitution and not respecting people’s choices. I’ve been going through Facebook posts and other social media discussions and shockingly I have seen people power supporters and it’s sympathizers making fun of what happened to the NRM supporter and some defending it, that means they’re not bothered and they wouldn’t mind if it happened somewhere else for the second and third time. Instead of coming out to apologise and extend their sympathies to the effected person and his family, they’re laughing it off. To them it’s a piece of entertainment to see the young man who supports NRM in deep pain and at the verge of losing his life.

Singer Bebe Cool introduced something called “Silent majority” He was describing the majority NRM supporters who are silent. But what causes that silence? I have realized that most of the supporters of NRM live under fear. Though they love NRM so much they have to keep it on their hearts and a few hardly come out to express themselves either through wearing NRM party colors or talking freely in public. The opposition especially people power youth have chosen to always harass NRM Members through insulting them openly on Facebook or physically when they meet so in order for one to keep peace and feel secure they have to keep their party at their hearts something which is so unfair.

In Arua last year, the President’s vehicle was stoned. When it was aired by mainstream media, people power.

supporters realized it was going to look bad in the eyes of the Public so they defended themselves by saying the picture was Photoshopped. The actions that have happened since then justfies the unfortunate incident in Arua of stoning the President’s Vehicle.

The strategy of violence was first adopted by FDC through defiance. When they realized it wasn’t going to work they embarked on more peaceful strategies, however it appears People power has adopted violence as its strategy and the FDC supporters who believed in violence have since then joined them, that’s why I agree with Salam Msumba that people power is a wing of FDC and it’s mainly for the people who believe in violence and have since then failed to get it in FDC so they decide to look for it where it is now. However much they will try to harass supporters of NRM and those in other Political parties they won’t succeed. Ugandans don’t like violence and they will never support it because they tasted on the governance that used violence in leading them and they know what it means, no wonder since FDC was born and from the time they’ve always triggered Ugandans to involve in violence Ugandans have always turned it down and refused to join them. They interestingly asked Dr Besigye to call his family to be on the forefront each time he wants to engage in violence that’s how it aborted.

The other day in Kampala, an opposition supporter and perhaps a member of people power threw an empty mineral water bottle to the magirstrate who was reading the judgement on Stella Nyanzi’s case. Am happy most Ugandans condemned that unfortunate action and disrespect of Courts of judicature but as usual the extremists and intolerant people Power supporters laughed it off some even made fun of it. But one wonders, if you’re a government in waiting will you rule without courts of law in case you get into power? Ugandans must carefully study these actions and understand the people who intend to replace the NRM government and see if they really deserve power. Most of the Political parties and the opposition pressure groups have exposed their incompetence and lack of respect of democracy and they deserve no chance of being in Power.

The NRM government under the Leadership of President Museveni have been the champion of tolerance, being accommodative and respecting democracy. That’s the reason as to why even if it’s the party in power the opposition harass it’s members but nothing is done to pay back. In the 2016 general elections the supporters of Amama Mbabazi beaten up members of NRM, it was an ugly scene but the NRM Members who were beaten up were just compensated and some taken to the hospital. The NRM would have used the police or any other security organization as a Political party in power to pay back but they played it cool.

While on NBS Frontline last night Andrew Mwenda described people power supporters as hooligans and thugs. I agree with Andrew Mwenda because the action of attacking the presidential motorcade and the recent hitting and nailing an NRM supporter justifies Andrew Mwenda’s description of people power and it’s supporters. A person is described by what he does, how he behaves and how he associates with other people. We would therefore be mean with words if we didn’t describe people power as hooligans, thugs and I think we should also add “Killers” in the time to come because after all the colour red signfies blood.

Last week, while I was sharing with one of the old Cadres here, He told me that in 90s when NRM had just gotten power, they selected some youth and armed them.. each Subcounty had a representative and they would give monthly reports to the RDC, they would be paid at the end of the month. One of the assignments they had was to summon people who would have misbehaved or mistreated Members of the movement and discipline them, the disciplinary meant to put them back in the line, to respect people’s Political choices and also have limits on what they say against the President and the government in public. Arming those representatives and their leaders meant keeping them secure and also a sign of authority to them. Yesterday when I saw the gruesome pictures of a young man who was hit and nailed because of supporting NRM I felt like having that system back and perhaps putting some people to order but I remembered that the NRM government has revised it by setting up security organizations which include among many intelligence agencies and the police am confident that these unfortunate action will be put to end and the culprits brought to book in accordance with the Ugandan laws.

When the NRM Cadres talk about peace, most Ugandans don’t understand them but they mean amog many, the peace of belonging to any Political party and have peace within that party, they do not only mean security and safety of humans. When someone attacks the other for belonging to any Political party then they’re fighting the peace which NRM supporters frequently talk about, I think it’s wrong to trample on someone’s rights and peace because you’ve not liked the Political choice that he or she has made because we think differently, understand differently and have different interests in life.

The writer is an aspirant western youth member of Parliament..