Residents of Gomba show MP Nayebale yellow card, threaten red in 2021 elections - Whisper Eye

Residents of Gomba show MP Nayebale yellow card, threaten red in 2021 elections

Gomba district woman MP Sylvia Nayebale faces tough times as her campaigners cross to opposite camp.

And a section of residents are looking for signatures to recall their legislator. Whisper Eye Reports 

Many former Nayebale’s campaign agents have joined her major competitor Hajati Nanfuka.

National Resistance Movement (NRM) has been divided into camps and senior leaders are backing Ms Nanfuka. Arguing that MP Nayebale since her election to parliament has neglected them.

To make matters worse, Nayebale’s major funder a prominent business woman in Kampala who originates from Gomba, Kabugula Gladys fell apart with the embattled MP.

Gomba residents have told The Whisper eye that Ms Kabugula introduced Nayebale to them, and they trusted the young innocent girl with their votes.

However, after Nayebale’s victory to Uganda’s parliament she abandoned Kabugula which has caused a lot of opposition to the legislator.

The death of NRM district chairman Haji Ziadi Ssebuliba who was the head of Hajat Nanfuuka’s task force is seen as a major disadvantage to the incumbent district woman MP.

MP Nayebale’s district personal assistant, also Kyegonza Sub county chairperson Sseguya Godfrey, and the team have mismanaged government programs in the district.

Just a few weeks ago, chairman Sseguya and Nayebale’s task force shared ten cows (In cave heifers) among them selves.

These were given to residents of Gomba under the Operation Wealth Creation, masterminded by president Museveni to fight against poverty.

Whisper Eye efforts to get a word from  MP Nayebale, as we made constants calls  all went on unanswered.