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Political analyst Rwomushana roasted over “Kyagulanyi ‘njayi’ gangs” articles

People Power supporters have roasted former Pader Residence District Commissioner (RDC) Charles Rwomushana for his articles criticising MP Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu.

In the last three days Rwomushana has published three articles questioning moral integrity of People Power coordinators referring to them as ‘Kyagulanyi njayi gangs’.

The genesis of the matter is traced when People Power coordinators were confusing ASP Hellen Butoto to be a police witness in a controversial death story of singer Ziggy Wyne.

Police paraded Butoto and the witness Awor, this attracted Rwomushana to write an article rubbishing MP Kyagulanyi’s coordinators.

Social media bloggers have embarked on a cross fire battle labeling Rwomushana a state spy.

“Once a devil pays u to work for him your intelligence ceases to matter Rwamushana M7’S evil confuser and propagandist.” Ssekalo Leonard a blogger stated.

“Thank u our president Bobi to join the struggle you have unearthed all the political devils like Rwamushana. We are soon making u lose your evil meal card.” Ssekalo added.

“Intelligence Operatives come in many shades. Some are just there to water down the hopes of the promising other side. 
In that role you are doing great but trust me the ground says something different.” Lukyamuzi Yozefu remarked.

“Credibility is like a glass once it’s broken nobody can fix it back, Mr. Poster you lost credibility the day you told the world that Aine was murdered by NRM and later he reappeared with Gen. Saleh, therefore you have no moral authority to question the morality of Bobi wine and his group.” Kyagulanyi Kabanda stated.