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DP recruits Kakuuto tycoon as 2021 comes nearly

Democratic Party (DP) has recruited a new fresh member just few months after recruiting Afro beat music champion in East and Central Africa Joseph Mayanja popularly known by his stage name Jose Chameleon.

Today Kakuuto tycoon Drake Lubega has joined the Uganda’s oldest political party, DP.

Mr Lubega contested for Kakuuto Member of Parliament post, only lost to NRM’s Kalemba in a rigged parliamentary polls.

DP president Norbert Mao has welcomed Mr Drake Lubega to the Party .

“When you light a fire people will come around. We are honored to welcome Mr. Drake Lubega who has agreed to carry the banner of Truth and Justice in Kakuuto County, Kyotera District.” Mao said.

“He has been vying as an independent and has been rigged each time by the NRM machinery and the Courts filled with cadres have not given him justice either.” President Mao added.

Democratic Party is mobilising to win Kyotera district in 2021, in 2017 DP won the district woman MP mini election.