CID takes over investigations of a 84 yr old murder in Ntungamo - Whisper Eye

CID takes over investigations of a 84 yr old murder in Ntungamo

The Homicide Department at CID Headquarters has taken over investigations into the gruesome murder of Kabaterine Fridah (84) a female peasant of Kagarame cell in Kyafoora Parish, Ntungamo District. Whisper Eye Reports.

The murder occurred on the 1st/08/2019, during morning hours between 8am -11am.

Preliminary facts reveal that on 1st August, 2019, at around 7am, the grandson to the victim Katureebe Fred. Left Kabaterine alone and still sleeping, to go and milk the cows.

The suspect Kato Wilbroad Alfred (23) alias Sama, a male peasant, took advantage of Katureebe’s absence to attack and hack the victim to death.

He dragged her body, dumped it in her bathroom and locked the bedroom.

Kato abandoned his blood stained clothes that included a jumper, trouser and white vest at the scene.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has told The Whisper Eye that according to their intelligence the deceased had grudge with some family members. Who are suspected to have hired Kato.

“Kato also abandoned the murder weapon of a Panga, stained with blood and fled from the scene. Other exhibits of a gift deed, head dress and marijuana, were later recovered from his room.” Enanga said.

Katureebe returned home from milking the cows, at around and met Faith Bahendera, a visitor who had come to check on the victim.

The two broke into the bathroom, after Kabaterine failed to wake up, only to find her dead in the bathroom.

“The suspect was tracked down and arrested from his home village in Kitusi, kyaburere parish, Rukungiri District. He recorded an extra judicial statement, before the Magistrate in Ntugamo, revealing his accomplices as Natukunda Judith, a 28 year old, former housemaid and Kaitesi Sharon Katurebe, a 32 year old daughter in-law, who had a grudge with the victim over land and proceeds from the sale of milk. All three suspects are in police custody.” Enanga explained.

It has been noted, that cases of elder abuse and victimization, are sometimes not fast tracked, due to their health.

Homicide department at Criminal Intelligence Department (CID) Headquarters at Kibuli has taken over investigations to its full conclusion.