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South Africa EFF thrown out of Parliament

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This was EFF chaos on another level, even compared to their own high standards. An explosive altercation between several party members and the house speaker resulted in almost the entire EFF delegation approaching Pravin Gordhan, from the podium he was stood on.

The minister, who has had a pretty busy day already on Thursday, was confronted when the red berets declared they would not let Gordhan speak, branding him a “constitutional delinquent”.

Members of the house had gathered in Parliament to hear Pravin Gordhan deliver his budget proposals for the public enterprises department. But he barely got past his first few sentences before he was interrupted on a point of order. However, the EFF MP in question defied orders from the house to cease and take his seat.

This prompted a furious response from the EFF benches, who had taken the instruction extremely personally. Supporting members claimed they were being silenced, and after five minutes of rowing, Parliamentary security was finally called in, as more than a dozen of the red berets made an advance towards Gordhan.

To his credit, PG stood his ground against the mob. He told the angered members in red regalia that “they must” touch him, implying that there would be severe legal consequences if the altercation turned physical.

They were eventually ejected after an almighty kerfuffle, with the strong arm of the law managing to force the members towards the exits. We’ve seen the EFF cause some ugly scenes in Parliament before, but this was as good as unprecedented – never have we seen their members square-up to a politician as they are delivering a speech.

A line may very well have been crossed, here. John Steenhuisen, the DA chief whip, was also in attendance for the session. He rose on a point of order to condemn the behavior of the EFF, who are once again making headlines in the National Assembly for all the wrong reasons.