Miss Uganda- Abenakyo's security breach in Gulu, and why this colonial fiction Uganda should send me Mobile Money as we Mourn Arnold Mugisha - Okidi - Whisper Eye

Miss Uganda- Abenakyo’s security breach in Gulu, and why this colonial fiction Uganda should send me Mobile Money as we Mourn Arnold Mugisha – Okidi

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Miss Uganda- Quin Abenakyo’s Security Breach in Gulu, and why this Colonial Fiction Uganda Should Send Me Mobile Money as We Mourn Arnold Mugisha.

I have been in Gulu since last week on Saturday where I also had the opportunity to watch my first FUFA drum game. A tournament that is building national cohesion more than politics. The thrilling game between Acholi and Bunyoro ended 4-2 on Sunday in favour of Acholi team. The melee that followed where police was returning order to stop a criminal group from committing crime is a failure of politics. The young criminal gangs locally named ‘Agu’ terrorising the town are a result of the LRA conflict which disorganised the social fabric of the society and has manifested in such delinquency.

This gravity of this delinquency and its potential as a time bomb can be understood journeying through my experience over the past one week in Gulu. Every evening I go home to Agwee in Laroo to have supper and use the time to catch up with family after a long stay away, and because I am unable to do my routine evening jogging, I walk from Agwee to Pece late night. Before I set off am always reminded to beware of Agu on a daily.

Last night after a meal of Malakwang the matriarch of our family Min Lutwa- also mother to Acholi football sensation Tito cautioned me against using my favorite path from Agwee to senior quarters. The path that climbs up to former Prime Minister Otema Alimadi’s home is known as my favourite path to and out of Agwee because I have used it throughout my life for various reasons including school and a room in that house was once rented by my family for ‘alup’ to protect us from LRA because it was perceived to be fairly safe. Her reason is that Agu have waylaid people on that path, stripped them naked and made off with their belongings including phones.

When I reach town I feel some temporary air of safety because Boda Boda’s around Free Zone are quick to problematise the issue again. I usually ignore because these Boda Bodas have been my friends for a long time and enjoy throwing puns at me, because I too disturb them a lot. For example they like saying life is just hard for me that’s why am walking, and that rumour has it that in Kampala I stay in Bwaise and each time it rains, water enters direct in my house. Which is a joke of course, they then proceed to assign someone to give me a free ride which I have always declined for fitness reasons

Two days ago when I declined a ride and proceeded to walk I saw, around Mega FM at 11PM a Vitz Car or Spacio parked besides the road all windows down and there was a young lady inside, I wondering who this strong hearted young lady was and what she was doing. That is when I saw reigning Miss Uganda, Miss World Africa Quin Abenakyo innocently seated their oblivious of the ‘Agu’ security concern in Gulu. Being a sister’s keeper i interrupted her bliss of ignorance or Innocence and gave her the shortest security brief in the history of security briefing ‘young lady this town is not as safe as you think’

While I proceeded I kept on wondering what would be the reaction in the country and world if for example God forbid Quin Abenakyo was robbed or killed by ‘Agu’, Gulu will receive negative publicity, the issue of ‘Agu’ as a post conflict challenge will receive more attention from the powers that be, the death of Arnold Mugisha and the surrounding debate about the country’s geography of wealth and cohesion that followed will be forgotten or tribalism that surrounds such homicides reopened. This time Acholi Vs Busoga or Bantu Vs Nilotics, Rich and Poor and these will incrementally lead to disintegration of this colonial fiction called Uganda.

This ‘death’ of Abenakyo which I averted, that of my OB Akena Kenneth and of Arnold Mugisha reminds us how Uganda is a fiction. Its sad that its the blood of young people reminding us about how different we are and short of statehood we. Juridically we may be a state but empirically not. We fall short of a Westphalian conception of a state, reitariated many years later in Montevideo. It turns out that we are a group of people coerced to stay together which is why a group jubilates upon the death of another. I have always asked Prof Jjuko and Dr Tindifa if a social contract is a later possibility because we need to initiate our own, live as one and develop together and be each other’s keeper.

RIP Arnold Mugisha RIP Kenneth Akena Watmon, God Protect Abenakyo.

Source: Christopher Okidi, Gulu, Uganda