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Lake Albert fishermen cry out for gov’t’s help over Congolese attacks

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Following several Congolese militiamen attacks on Lake Albert, abducting property has brought much tension between Congolese and Ugandan fishermen,thus a cry out for government help.

Some of the abducted property include boat engines, fishing nets, money, boats and many others, within this year Wanseko landing site fishermen have been attacked three times.

The chairperson Magali landing site Wanseko Mr. Kabarole Flex said, they no longer operate peaceful since they always attack them at night in middle of the water, abducting all their items .

Some times they come clothed in casual clothes or military uniforms even with or without guns, claiming that the lake belongs to them, we don’t believe whether they are soldiers or not, Mr. Kabarole adds. 
Ogenrwoth Victor, fisherman at Walukuba landing site requested the government of Uganda to help it’s citizens since they spend a lot of money to recover their properties

Katusabe Bruhan, a fisherman at Butiaba landing site blamed silver fishermen since they use bad fishing methods leading to exploiting of fish in the lake.
Katusabe added, unknown officials come claiming to have been sent by the government thus abduct their fish, fishing nets, money and engines.

Meanwhile, Katusabe requested the government of Uganda to seek for them the better fishing methods or else set up industries in their areas for employment opportunities.

In an effort to get a comment from the Buliisa district LCV Hon. Agaba Kinene Simon, this was futile when he rejected our phone call for several times.

The Regional Inspector Marine Police Commander Mr. Onyango Samuel said, they are trying to alert the Entebbe Headquarters on what is taking place on Lake Albert concerning the attacks.

However, He advised Fishermen to operate within their area of jurisdiction as this will help in easy monitoring and protection.

The challenge is that most Fishermen have Congolese relatives in Uganda therefore when attacked they don’t even report since they know them.

Mr. Onyango also advised fishermen always to make formal reports on any attack for easy record keeping and be helped .
Mr. Onyango also advised fishermen to seek other better fishing methods since the government of Uganda also discourage the use of lambs when fishing.

He also cautioned fishermen to work together, mind their lives and money , he also went ahead advising them to use life jackets when operating on the lake.