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Ainebyona shooting:- A tragedy drawn out of proportion – Okoler Enoch Opio

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Ongoria, the shooter perhaps an etesot man, going by the sound of his name is in serious trouble now, but Ainebyona, a munyankore man is not merely in trouble but rather dead!

To begin with, there is no person in Uganda that has the right to intentionally deprive another of life except as provided for under the law, therefore, the legal question as to whether or not the killing at Quality Supermarket is justifiable can only be answered by Court.

In the paragraph first above written, I deliberately mentioned names and tribes of the shooter and the deceased respectively, and yet, subsequently while paraphrasing the provision of article 22 of the Constitution, tribes are never mentioned because the Constitution uses the phrase “no person shall be deprived of life intentionally except in execution of a sentence…..”

It is important to note that, the Constitution recognizes our tribes in article 10(a) and in it’s Third Schedule, but the same doesn’t treat tribes in isolation and/or elevating another over the other(s), we are all Ugandans of equal gravity before the law.

The spirit of the Constitution is to the effect that, since Uganda is a nation crafted from preemptive unification of indigenous tribes that lived within the geographical confines of present day Uganda before 1926, it should not be subjected to circumstances that may weaken the existing loose inter tribal bonds but rather those that strengthen our relationship as a people.

The framers of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda anticipated that, when the President overstays in power, the system becomes nepotistic, and that is why articles 105(b)and 102(b) that provided for presidential term and age limits respectively were established in the Constitution.
Unfortunately, these articles were repealed thus creating life presidency or a monarchy of the sort.

The late Ainebyona

Merriam Webster dictionary defines nepotism as the “unfair practice by a powerful person of giving jobs and other favors to relatives”

The effect of nepotism on a young country that Uganda is, given her historical background is that, it challenges the strength of the bonds holding us together, the rest of Uganda will brood nepotism but with tribal sentiments against the ruling tribe. This certainly, makes victims out of members of the said tribe that do not directly benefit from the leadership of one of their own.

Nepotism is bad in all measure, it creates insecurity among members of the ruling tribe, after unfairly amassing an opulence of wealth, they begin to look at some tribes, if not all, perhaps, because of the guilt, as being potentially hazardous to them, it also creates arrogance and inhumane conduct toward the rest of the people.

That said, I do not believe that the shooting at Quality Supermarket was a matter to do with tribal sentiments as alleged by Aine’s father. Basing on what NBS reported, a disagreement ensued between the parties where one applied inordinate force to counteract the arrogance of the victim which saw the latter being shot dead.

Otherwise, if we do consider Mr. Plan’s tribal narrative, the proprietor of the said Supermarket and majority of the workers therein would be long gone, because they are Banyankore!

Therefore, I am convinced without doubt that the loose tribal talk surrounding the shooting of Aine is not only unrealistic but also demonstrates the insecurity and arrogance of the group in leadership.

Nearing my conclusion, I wish to commiserate with the family of the deceased but also, dissuade the insecure against being arrogant to the rest of Ugandans. Be humble!

Okoler Enoch Opio