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Why is Rubanda District Performing poorly – Sam Evidence

Before Rubanda became a District it was already famous in the country because of a number of reasons but also because the type of Politicians people of Rubanda would vote as members of Parliament. Like the honourable Banyenzaki who represented Rubanda County West as a member of Parliament became so popular because of being outspoken in the Parliament and it’s from there that he was appointed State Minister.

Rubanda is also known national wide for being the food basket of the whole country. Almost all the Irish potatoes in the country come from Rubanda District. This is possible because Rubanda receives rainfall throughout the year and the soils are so fertile. It’s through this that parents are able to sell the produce and take children to school and do a number of other developmental projects.

On 1st July 2016, Rubanda became District and through an electoral process organized by the electoral commission Rubanda District got leaders at different levels. These are now in charge of steering the District Development and also making sure that people get services just like other Districts are doing. They do that through people’s views which are represented in the council by Councillors, debated and included in the District budget for consideration.

In the recent report released by the office of the Prime Minister Rubanda District emerged 144th out of the 144 Districts in Uganda. This means that Rubanda became the last. It’s so shocking because other District that became operational after Rubanda performed very well and are ahead of Rubanda District , this happened because of a number of reasons ranging from Politics, governance and the way funds are used at the District. Just like any other District, Rubanda has faced challenges because of being a new District maybe but at this point of time those changes ought to have been solved and we should be thriving now.

Rubanda District is lucky to have a number of resources that can’t be found in other Districts. These include lake Bunyonyi, forests and other things that fetch income to the District in addition to the billions of money sent to the district by the central government to fund it’s programs especially working on roads, schools and health centers. However we continue to do badly in all these sectors and in all Sub counties because supervision is not done even when the schools have teachers and all they need but our schools continue to perform so poorly. For example in the last PLE exams, Nyamweru Subcounty had only 5 students coming in the first grade and all those five students were coming from the one private school. That means all the government schools in Nyamweru Subcounty had no single student in first grade. Why then can’t we be the worst performing District with this kind of performance in schools?

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When Rubanda became a district, jobs became a problem. it’s evident that the district Political leadership involved themselves in recruitment of workers with some applicants paying large amounts of money as bribes to get jobs surprisingly some who paid did not get those jobs and this has continued, I was informed that one of the members of the service commission decided to resign because of that. Among other things that the OPM considered while awarding performance marks was the way recruitment was done at the Districts. I am very sure that Rubanda local government must have scored zero on this.

Rubanda District could be facing other problems but the major one is early Politicking. When voting is done, people expect services and in fact if a person is a leader he starts by uniting the population which was divided by the Campaigns and organize them to work together for the betterment of their area. This isn’t the case in Rubanda, whoever was against Candidate B has always been considered an enemy and cannot benefit from the district Development programs. I’ve heard people confessing on Radio about that particular challenge.

With the District Chairman declaring to stand against the incumbent member of Parliament for Rubanda East, Politics started early in Rubanda and lines were drawn before even the electoral commission drawing them..it’s Evident that the people who are in support of the Rubanda East member of Parliament see the Chairman as the enemy and vice versa. I cannot blame those people because they’re defending the leader whom they feel they love and support.

In such a situation there’s no Developmental project that can take place and no wonder funds of Rubanda District have been going back to finance underutilized because the person who would be guiding on how to use those funds is busy in Campaigns and fighting with the Councillors who do not belong to his faction. Whereas ambitions are good but they should be limited and someone should calculate time to when they will declare their ambitions in order not to incite the population hence crippling service delivery.

Even when we have those Political problems at the District but also corruption continue to increase. The way contracts are awarded is questionable and even there’s no value for money in almost all projects done by the District. For example there’s this house which has been making rounds on social media where the District leadership claims they used 57 millions Uganda shillings to build it. That House has no ventilators and neither does it have rooms inside. They did not put up latrines outside so that maybe we could say that some of the money was used to put up a latrine. All those problems the District is facing are not about to end because the people at the District are not showing willingness to change and I won’t be surprised if we emerge worst performing District again.

These problems would have been solved maybe but whoever comes to speak out and condemn that kind of work, some leaders at the District think that person has been sponsored by another group to speak and the blame games has since then been used. In filing in their defence as to why the District came last, I will not be surprised if the District leadership use blame games as a defending tool. Someone will say am failing because so and so Became a problem to me. I would love it if the people of Rubanda would Question their District leaders to tell them if the person they blame has ever blocked any project they’re intending to do for people and if the answer is Yes, then we would sympathize with them – the District leaders.

I think the main intention of cutting the Districts is to make sure that people get services closer to them, and when they don’t get those services then the person in charge is going against the government’s primary intention of giving that District and people should be Quick to put that leader to rest as they consider voting for another person, good enough after every five years voting takes place and a person should be reconsidered basing on how they’ve performed if they didn’t perform well then people should vote them out and choose another one for the betterment of their area.

Sam Evidence.