Mimi De Boss lashes out at Bad Black boyfriend 'Sky West' - Whisper Eye

Mimi De Boss lashes out at Bad Black boyfriend ‘Sky West’

Uganda’s slay queen Chanitah Bradley Ptt commonly known as Bad Black may be facing another relationship breakup following what has reached Whisper Eye media desk.
The young boy of bad black a former convict known as Sky West, 24 criticised for being the wife of bad black wants to quit his relationship with a heavily pregnant bad black and fly to Trump’s land in the USA.

This follows Whisper Eye intelligence who established how the muscular young boy who once lived in South Africa has reached out to Mimi De Boss Chic a Ugandan female Tycoon based in the USA to help her process papers to settle in the USA.

Sky West and his heavily pregnant girl friend Bad Black

According to our reports Sky West (Bad Black Boyfriend) is ever in-boxing Mimi aka Napeshirah Mimi Whatsapping and a times constant Facebook messenger calls . In awhatsapp update seen by Whisper Eye Mimi De Boss Chic lashed out to Sky West ‘‘I don’t know why broke nigga will check on my family . No offence next time mind your on business thanks.

Mimi is a Ugandan business woman based in the USA known for her lavish spending in the USA and when she drops in Uganda’s capital Kampala. She recently graduated as a nurse in the USA boosting her career of business and education.

Whisper Eye efforts to get a word from Bad Black about why the boyfriend is always inboxing Mimi who is not interested in his talk as futile despite constant calls.