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Buliisa residents demand for UNRA supplementary report

By Innocent Atuganyira

Residents in Buliisa district are demanding for the supplementary report from Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) on the construction of Hoima-Butiaba-Wanseko road.

The residents blame UNRA for compensating the land to the wrong individuals or groups, going a head to use the uncompensated land, want also to know the size of the land affected, the affected people, paid and unpaid.

The challenge came when UNRA started working on the road of which some people had lands disputes but legally compensated, however some of the disputed land is from rift valley to wainga which is between the Bunyoro Kitara and Kaahwa Balaam, from the rift valley to Walukuba trading centre between the cattle keepers and Mubali group, Kamagongolo, waisoke, Kigoya mentioned but a few.

Mr. Angalia Godwin Kasigwa told this website that UNRA had promised to measure twenty five metres on both sides of the road from the rift valley up to wainga but worked on one side leaving out the Bugungu game park reserve, the members affected were not even told but UNRA continued to work in their land.

It seems UNRA is colliding with the leaders in Buliisa to steal the government and people that’s why we are demanding for supplementary report or else we shall go to court , Mr. Angalia added.

Howbeit the chairperson grievous management committee of UNRA PAP’s Walukuba parish Mr. Byaruhanga Dan Double said that members of Walukuba haven’t been paid due to land disputes .

He also said that the land was included in the first evaluation report but they were told that they had compiled another supplementary report of which they didn’t know the size of the land, how much their land was valued and the amount of money to be paid, UNRA promised to come back and inform people but in vain, Mr. Byaruhanga added.

Meanwhile the LC V chairman Buliisa district Hon. Agaba Kinene Simon promised residents that all people who were not paid will soon be paid, However he denied issues concerning road construction from the escarpment to wainga were the Bugungu game park reserve part wasn’t affected.

The Chongpqing International Construction Corporation (CICO) Engineer Bongomin Charles told this website that they extended the road from the chamber by twenty-five metres on both sides and fifteen metres in urban areas thus trying to design the road to accommodate the demand since at first it wasn’t designed, He added that they didn’t tackle the other part in park but followed the existing road arrangement since they wanted to preserve the nature.

However  within the escarpment we formed a diversion through the park so as to ease movement, He said.
Engineer Charles added that in disputed areas such as Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom and Kaahwa Balaam will not be paid unless they receive a letter indicating matters settled, howbeit if there any dispute between any party let them bring it in my office, Eng. Charles added.

He also added that at least eighty percent of the affected persons have been paid and also promised those who haven’t been paid will be paid at the end of the project.

When we contacted the UNRA supervisor Mrs. Natukunda Rhoda said that the supplementary report will be released at the end of all the activities, all leaders are aware of the activities taking place in the district, Mrs. Rhoda added.