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Museveni critique Kaweesa Kaweesa Reveals genesis of regime hatred as he turns 40

Renown social media regime critic, Kaweesa Kaweesa celebrated his 40th birthday on 15th May with a surprising revelation that his hatred for Museveni and his entire regime started at his childhood with an oppressive experience as he grew up in Kyabazaala, Ntunda subcounty Mukono district.

He made the unravelling revelation as a token of appreciation to his social media followers who showered him with happy birthday wishes in a clasic story posted on his official twitter/ Facebook page, Kaweesa Kaweesa.
He titled the revealing story “THE HOME RANSOM” which we reproduce below for you;


While growing up at Kiteredde, Kyabazaala in Ntunda sub-county Mukono district, I loved throwing stones and drilling nails into soil whenever picked.

One day as I enjoyed my stone throwing game a stone– hard as the Arua M7 car stones accidentally hit my mother’s piglet on the fore head. The thing stumbled to the ground, raised its legs in a goodbye motion and my attempts to shake, sooth and even lift it up couldn’t make it even hoot again, it had died!

Maama had just sold her 2tins of maize to specifically buy this breed from maama Nathan a neighbour. She had named it Ziteganya and it was an admirational site as it moved around mzee Kaweesa’s big compound!

I was so dumb founded as I realised I was in a deeper danger.

As i tried to comfort myself that after all none had seen me, I realised Ssempala the brother i follow had watched all this unfolding from a thick coffee plant where he stood. He rolled a sheepish look at me with his golly eyes.

Like this regimes police officer who had caught a thief, red handed he rushed forward to me and immediately gave to me ransoming EITHER OR demands.

He knew I was scared and that crime warranted a least of 10 strokes from taata’s “luga” stick that was safely stored in Mzees bedroom and whenever it came out buttock had to be treated for scars. (My most recent wounds hadn’t healed even the dirty short I put on had two prominent holes behind. It was sewed off my mothers bodingi dress balance)

With this background he outrightly knew the depth of my fear and highly rated his ‘saviour/libarator status and authoritatively conditioned:

EITHER “Give me all your rabbits OR I tell mum you have killed his adored ziteganya piglet”

I told him what he already knew
“I don’t own all those rabbits as they were from Nagonyi our neighbors son” and anyway I couldn’t loose anyone of them because I treasured them myself.
Still I begged him not to tell her” I promised to give him all the sources the day mzee buys meat or fish.

Amidst that haggle and negotiations maama called him from the hind window. He gave me a warning look as he rushed in the home direction.

Mum told him to immediately wash the plates (as it was his day) and thereafter sweep the entire compound.

He informed her that we had agreed I wash the plates on his behalf and he authoritatively called out my name Kaweesa.

As i rushed with shivering feet to meet them he stoped me midway came closer and said: Kaawe EITHER wash the plates and sweep the compound OR else. . ..”

I couldn’t let him finish or hesitate for a minute, I washed the plates and swept the compound without even putting on my usual folded face.

The next day, we mum told us to go fetch water at a well about a mile away in mr Kiyagas farm. I carried his can to the well, drew the water for him and had to tell him a nice story else he reminds me of a lifeless pig.

That same day in the evening, as we started playing our banana fibre football with fellow boys from mzee Falasikos home, mum sent Ssempala to kyabazaala market about two kms away.

Mum, he said “Kaweesa said he will go” Before mom could utter a word as who dictates who to send, He rushed to me and cautiously whispered:

“Kaawe, im being good to you by not telling mom about your malicious murder, rush to Kyabazaala without activating my anger

With serious mumbling I left the match and rushed to the trading centre.

On the way back I thought, the pig death uncertainty was getting worse for me than the actual murder and anticipated Cannes from mother. ” In any case if mom canned me days who by now I wouldn’t be suffering.

I reached home in record time.
I straight went to the house where I found Ssempala seated jubilantingly with maama.

I knelt down with tears in my eyes, (As Ssempala gave me a cautious stare) I apologetically uttered:

“Maama, am so sorry please forgive me. Am the one who killed your piglet ziteganya but it wasn’t deliberate, it was an accident please Mum forgive me am sorry.”

Smiling wryly she replied:
“Kaawe, mwana wange, the day you killed my ziteganya, I was at the hind window watching everything that happened. . . and I have watched Ssempala turning you into his slave because you did not want to come to me to confess and apologize.

But now that you have done it, you freed”

She concluded as she turned to ask Ssempala whether he had collected the goats or they were still at the farm that late waiting for me from Kyabazaala. (If I hadn’t confessed in time that was another waiting assignment)

Ssempala gave me a look last seen on Pharaoh after Israelites slaves had just left Egypt.

(Nokuva olwo M7 yantama, I’m real disgust with him.)

At 40yrs I realised all nrm politicians are M7s either or ransomed slaves serving a dictator they themselves don’t crave but are afraid of apologising to mom for forgiveness and permanent relief.


Kaweesa Kaweesa