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Ugandan male politicians who bleach to look younger and appeal to ladies and voters

The East African Community Legislative Assembly (EALA) has debated a motion seeking to ban the importation and manufacture of products containing hydroquinone. These are cosmetics that are used by persons intending to bleach their skins to look good. During the debate at Arusha Tanzania, a lot was said in favour of the ban which include the dangers of causing cancer, mainly skin cancer.

However Uganda’s EALA representative from the opposition Democratic Party (DP) Mukasa Mbidde opposed the motion maintained that he can never support a debate calculated to ban rights.
“Whoever bans rights can ban rights including the right to freedom.” Mbidde said.

Mbidde argued that Ghana which has been sighted under the motion did not ban the products but regulated content to 2% age prints content and dealt with only 41 products.

“The motion is being superficial and tainted with baseless malaise, is accompanied with no scientific research and that hydro quinine can be found in many other products including wheat and coffee.” Mbidde explained.

If the motion is passed many people will be affected mainly female, however there are a number of male counter parts using bleaching products to look more younger, appeal to ladies and voters to win their hearts.

Whisper Eye has a list of male politicians and leaders who bleach their skins;

  1. Gen. Jeje Odongo: Gen. Jeje is the Internal Affairs Minister of Uganda. The former bush war general tops the list of male persons who bleach their skins to appeal to female voters and look handsome to ladies. I don’t think that Gen. Odongo can bless the passing of this motion.
  2. Peter Ssematimba: the Busiro South legislator Pastor Peter Ssematimba must be experienced in bleaching, using right products as he looks almost like ladies. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) MP won an opposition leaning constituency because of his pleasant looks to ladies despite cases of rigging.
  3. Sseguya Godfrey: the Kyegonza LC III chairman is the case study in Gomba district among male persons who bleach their skins. Sseguya invests much money to look for genuine products from Kampala to bleach his skin. Gomba residents mainly female praise him for investing cash in him to look good.
  4. Muyanja Ssenyonga: Mukono South MP is a women darling man due to his chocolate light skin that changes ladies timing. Muyanja must be using genuine products and use them in the right way. He is winning another term in office as ladies in Mukono are singing his name.
  5. Mukasa Mbidde: the EALA representative from Uganda on the DP ticket must be praised by all people in East Africa who bleach as he has staged a one-man’s fight to fight the motion intended to ban all bleaching products in East Africa. He knows how to use these products and to able to identity genuine products. It is one of the factor why DP ladies are fighting for him everyday.
  6. Kasibante Moses: those that were close to the Rubaga North MP Moses Kasibante when he was teaching at Kawempe Royal College before he started using bleaching products have a nice story to tell. He looks younger, below his age.
  7. Tamale Mirundi: The former Press secretary to president Museveni knows the benefits of looking pleasant to ladies, as a strong political scientist and a veteran journalist he invests much into his nice looking for an aim. When you see Tamale Mirundi, you can tell that the outspoken Museveni’s publicity bleach with a genuine bleaching products.
  8. Kayongo Godfrey: the former KACITA boss Kayongo won the leadership of traders mainly because of the fact that he uses bleaching products. He was voted mainly by women, and they supported him to office.

These leaders must sit down and plan for the motion tabled in the EALA house intended to ban bleaching products. They can call for a fair regulations on all bleaching products than a ban.