Guitarist Nshuti set to eat big, signed by new music label - Whisper Eye

Guitarist Nshuti set to eat big, signed by new music label

Whisper Eye understands Rwandan born Ugandan and a re-known guitarist Nshuti Mbabazi known for her Situka Tutambule and other several covers has acknowledged the new signing with Fast Lane Music Label which is owned by the famous music writer Nyce Henry.

The Artist had in a while specialized in doing covers but close sources has revealed to Whisper Eye that the musician resolved to invest in joining mainstream music as a solo artist.

According to her Facebook post “Dear #NshutiMusic Fans.
I’m officially under Fast-lane Music.
Team shall deliver its first project soon.”

She explains that she’s officially under Fast Lane Music implying that she has a lot she’s preparing for the entertainment industry. She goes ahead to promise fans that she will be releasing her first project, also implying that there’s a lot more we should expect from her.

The guitarist is among the the top beautiful musicians with melodies of voices that leave every one stunning.

In our interview with her, we asked about her relationship with Nyce Henry;Her relationship with Bobi wine and her love life generally.
In her response ” Nyce Henry is a business partner. Hon Kyagulanyi is a new friend and I think we could be sharing some ideologies here and there.
About my relationships and love life ‘ebyo buuza’manager.” With a huge laughter.

Nshuti and her voice, how she plays her guitar !vocals and her performance skills gives a lot of hope for Uganda’s music industry.

With the coming on board with a seasoned music writer Nyce Henry the fans should expect good news!

Whisper Eye Shall Keep You Posted! -Ultimate Truths.