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Ugandans celebrate Hajji Kitatta jail term , family in tears

The General Court Martial sentenced former Boda Boda 2010 patron, Abdullah Kitatta (40) to 10 years imprisonment after he was found guilty on two counts for possession of fire arms a monopoly of UPDF . The Court Martial which seats at Makindye Military barrack headed by Gen Andrew Gutti, found Kitatta guilty and a maximum sentence was awarded to the controversial Rubaga Division NRM chairperson Kitatta.

Unless Kitatta successfully appeals against the General Court Martial’s verdict, the former Boda Boda 2010 boss has to spend the next 8 years, 8 months and six days behind bars, after court was lenient and deducted the period he has already spent in jail.

Many Ugandans mainly those in the Boda Boda sector, real estates business, Moslems among others are celebrating the Army Court verdict as the controversial former Boda Boda 2010 boss has been reduced to an ordinary Ugandan which he used to reject in his good days. Those who tested Kitatta’s authority and power against them couldn’t believe that the ‘big man’ who could move with guns in his vehicle, serve orders to police officers, mastermind Police officers’ transfers in just a few couple of hours can be jailed.

The Whisper Eye has interviewed a number of Ugandans on Kitatta’s General Court Martial verdict that left his family members in tears, and they are celebrating.

“Two years ago, Kitatta was very powerful. He thought that he was a sweetheart of the people in power. He was untouchable. He unleashed violence and terror against his own brothers and sisters. He appointed himself the most brutal force against the opposition in Uganda. He mocked those who criticised the impunity and injustice in our country. Citizens lived in fear because of him. He terrorised Boda Boda cyclists. He intimidated people into silence.” Kassim Mutyaba r stated.

Some people have compared the guilty Kitatta to former Sudan’s president Omar El-Bashir .
” I can compare the power Kitatta had to that of Gen.Omar Bashir former president of Sudan, he was used like a condom and later dumped,what lesson do we learn from this, Baganda why don’t u learn.” Dick Mutebi said

Relatives who were shocked by the guilty court verdict after many senior government officials collecting money from them promising help were left in tears, and they are planning to appeal.