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Man stabs teenage girl friend 11 times

Three people are recuperating at different hospitals in Meru following a botched murder-suicide incident.

A teenage girl and her toddler were seriously injured after a man attacked them with a knife before he tried to take his own life on Thursday last week.

The suspect, who is reported to be the girl’s boyfriend, stabbed her eleven times and cut their one-year-old baby on the face in an incident that left residents of Kautine village in Igembe North shaken.

But nearly a week after the incident happened, police are yet to open investigation.

Mr Joseph Kaumbuthu, the father of the 17-year-old girl, told Nation that police officers said they would visit the scene after the suspect had recuperated.

Mr Kaumbuthu and his wife collected items from the scene of the attack including a suicide note, a pesticide, the weapon of attack and blooded clothes.

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