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Opposition silent about salary increment of MPs! Why?- Sam Evidence

There’s a cartoon I have always seen on social media of an ailing cow being milked by a fat looking human being, perhaps the cow hadn’t been fed for a while but the person still wanted milk from it and he didn’t care whether the cow collapses or survives after milking.

The pay rise for members of Parliament is unpatriotic and since they’ve powers to do so, we might not be able to stop them but accept it.
Members of Parliament go to same markets and shops that local people who have no salaries go to. If we have any problems of costs of living we the local people suffer it most.

In fact at times you get surprised because an MP can also negotiate on the prices when they go to shops or markets. Had we made profits and advanced as a country economically then the MPs would be right to increase their allowances and other monies they get. But we are still struggling as a country with levels of poverty still high in a number of places and a big number of people not able to have three meals a day. The unemployment itself is high and instead of our MPs allowing some of the money to be put in the projects that can help get rid of unemployment they’re instead increasing their salaries.

As the MP drastically increase their pay rise, other government workers like teachers still complain of poor pay and we might have a sit down strike of teachers in coming month, the doctors too and civil servants are complaining, when these problems rise they pass their complaints to Parliament with hopes of those problems being addressed, am aware that in Parliament different groups of government workers have representatives, those include the UPDF and the workers, all those representatives will have their payrise too as the people they represent continue to cry you wonder what then is their purpose.

But as all that happens, the opposition who pretend to be fighting for the people, good governance and all the things they sing about are completely mute with nobody giving it attention. its as if this move isn’t progressing no body will say anything about it unless they’re forced to say it, just like Bobi Wine the Kyandondo member of Parliament was forced to say something. This means that there’s no difference absolutely between the opposition members of Parliament and those in NRM. Both want to eat and they don’t care which way food comes from, whether someone has died looking for it, they will always swallow and fill their huge stomachs.

In fact the opposition MPs are the worst because they fool Ugandans, they disguise as they’re fighting for people of Uganda yet they’re fighting to be heard and enlarge their pockets. Unfortunately Ugandans seem to believing them and when you talk about one of them Ugandans will always tell you that “you know what, that’s a people’s MP” the hypocrisy in them can’t easily be seen by the people.

The pay rise, comes after Parliament awarded members of Parliament with a number of funny privelages like paying for the funeral costs in case any member of Parliament dies, buying an a American casket and constructing a VIP grave for the honourable Member to rest in peace as he did rest in the chambers of Parliament while still alive. Yes indeed some members of Parliament hardly pick a microphone to contribute to the debate in Parliament and some of them hardly attend Parliament sessions.

However in one way or the other, we will blame Ugandans for it because some support these members of Parliament because they get a number of goodies from them and when the number of people who need goodies increase of course the members of Parliament must get ways on how to get those goodies in order to keep their positions.