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Why speaker Kadaga returned secretly in Uganda

Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has secretly returned to Uganda after being frown to Nairobi for specialized treatment in March.

According to her family members, Kadaga arrived at Entebbe international airport on Saturday April 13th.

“It is true; we picked her from old airport terminal on Saturday evening .She is recovering from illness,” said a close family member, who spoke on condition of secrecy to protect the speakers privacy.

According to classified finance records, parliament chartered a plane to carry Kadaga from Nairobi to Kampala.

By landing at the old airport, it appears Kadaga wanted her return to go unnoticed for privacy reasons.

Nevertheless, on arrival at the old airport, Kadaga disembarked the plane without any help. However she had to be helped to board a private car.

Kadaga’s principal private secretary Peter Gusiku was the only parliamentary official at the old airport to receive Kadaga.

A trusted relative and driver were also present.

Contacted, the speaker’s spokesperson Sam Obbo said a news statement will be prepared in a due course.

Story by MK