Kenya's MP calls for demonstrations to kick out Uganda's Museveni just like Bashir - Whisper Eye

Kenya’s MP calls for demonstrations to kick out Uganda’s Museveni just like Bashir

Kenya ‘s legislator Hon Babu Owino has hinted that President Yoweri Museveni could be the next long-serving African Head of State to be toppled from power after Omar al-Bashir of Sudan, whose 30-year controversial rule was ended on Thursday , 11th – April – 2019 in a military coup.

Taking to Facebook Hon Babu Owino Embakasi East MP  and good friend of Bobi Wine called upon Ugandans to start demonstrations to kick out President Museveni before 2016 elections.

The ODM politician, who has previously been detained by Kenya’s authorities is not new to calling upon Museveni to retire.

Owino famous for criticising YK Museveni last year hosted Bobi Wine in Kenya after he was military imprisoned by Uganda authorities over what they refereed to as treason charges.

Ugandans must start demonstrations immediately. Bobi Wine by ballot or bullet.The tree of liberty is watered by the blood of her patriots.Fear not Ugandans God is on your side.It’s POSSIBLE.!  posted Hon Babu

He emphasised that Bobi Wine can be the next president of Uganda ,

The post elicited mixed reactions with a majority supporting his sentiments, while others disagreed on the circumstances surrounding Uganda’s history

74-year-old Museveni is the third longest-serving African leader having been in power for 33 years and is planning to seek another term in office in the next elections.