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Besigye ignores critics , continues plans to cause a people’s Uganda revolution

Uganda’s opposition leader Rtd Col Kizza Besigye has increased his capacity for 2019 which he code named 2019 year of action to get rid of president Yoweri Museveni after what he termed as a result of rigged 2016 Uganda Presidential elections.

Col Kizza Besigye a four time Uganda presidential candidate has been criticised by Uganda opposition leaders from other political parties mainly those subscribed to DP Bloc led by former Gulu Municipality MP Norbert Mao of being greedy and angry for power despite constant calls for unity against fighting president Museveni.

Besigye has so far ditched police at all times this year as seen recently in Jinja , Mbarara and Kabale , in Jinja Besigye was appearing at a radio station named Kiira station which was switched off immediately he went on Air , this also happened at a radio station in Mbarara which failed to host him despite all payments dues.

His car in Jinja was towed by police although with the reaction of his supporters outside the radio station fought Uganda anti -riot police amidst tear gas, live bullets and rescued his car.

Kizza Besigye (blue stripped shirt) taking a position at tear gas wrath

Besigye maintains that Museveni fully rigged the last 2016 Uganda presidential elections and ought to resign or face a people’s revolution.

Kizza Besigye flanked by FDC officials in Jinja and his aide he refers to as People’s government media assistant Mr Ronald Muhinda was brutally arrested and he was dispossessed of his mobile devices by Uganda police .

Despite criticism from other Uganda opposition leaders Kizza Besigye has maintained his stand of heading to people’s cause at all times when any opportunity comes his way to maintain his call for a peoples revolution.

During the celebration of Palm Sunday which he celebrated at Gayaza Catholic Parish the former Museveni physician urged the sacrifice and suffering Jesus undertook for humanity so that a new life can be felt to be embraced during the holy week to Easter.

This comes at a time when Sudan’s Gen Bashir faced an uprising which forced him to step down after a military take over.

Three African leaders who have been deposed off by Peoples uprisings , namely, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria and now Gen Bashir of Sudan.