Ugandans stop crying and stand up for change - Mulindwa Andrew - Whisper Eye

Ugandans stop crying and stand up for change – Mulindwa Andrew

My fellow Ugandans, as a concerned citizen, I found it necessary to write to you in response of our beloved Uganda and the current status of our country in connection with Dictator Museveni and his government.

We have for so long cried and nothing has changed only to keep on crying but in reality our cries has never been considered by anyone, we thought that western countries could hear our loud voices but they have only kept on promising to end our pain and later seen chanting with our oppressors.
I may ask you a question if you could fairly answer me, if you’re in that great pain, whom do you think to carry away your pain if you yourself can’t stand and find a solution to your pain?

The reality is we have been oppressed for so long and nothing we have done to end the oppression.
Majority of Ugandans have been tortured physically and mentally but we keep on tormenting and cursing those who are committing evil acts on us as if we cannot do something better than that.

There is nothing negative we have not faced in this government but I have kept on asking myself which kind of food do we really eat that has prevented us from understanding that we are in hands of a tyranny? Most of us on opposition have tried to awaken our people, we have spoken everything that we believe could spark a revolution at least to have this regime ended but you the common person who is suffering more have not only disappointed us but you have betrayed the few who tried to empower you.

It’s our collective responsibility to stand to get and fight for this regime, never expect anybody to fight for you when you have not shown interest by yourself. The pain you have is not for the whites, let’s have some lessons from our great people here within Africa who have stood together to fight for dictatorship, Libyans, Tunisians, Egyptians, Ivorians, Zimbabwean, Algerians and finally our fellow brothers and sisters of Sudan.

For all of those countries mentioned above none of them experienced an uprising after an election, and none of them we’re commanded by any political figure, I have interacted with some of our people here and they are waiting for Hon. Kyagulanyi to lead them which I totally disagree with, it’s you and me to stand together and send the tyranny away.
For your information;

1. In Tunisia it was a self immolation youth aged 26 by the names of Mohammed Bouazizi who set fire on his body which inspired many and thus sparked an uprising and that was the end of Ben Ali.
2. Egyptian revolution was inspired by a young lady by the names Asmaa Mahfouz aged 26 years who on 18th Jan 2011 posted a message on her Facebook wall encouraging Egyptians to match on tahrir square on 25th Jan 2011 the day police was celebrating their day and indeed people listened to this young girl, that was the end of Housin Mubarak.
3. In Sudan it was Alaa Salah a young lady aged 22 years who has been empowering the protesters with her songs and poem, she went to 10 different gatherings and read a revolutionary poem. It makes people very enthusiastic, at first she found a group of about six women and she started singing, and they started singing with her then the gathering became big.
She sang a poem – “The bullet doesn’t kill. What kills is the silence of people” – and this inspired the protesters.

My fellow Ugandans it’s time now or never, we can do it. If Sudanese can do why can’t we do it???
Don’t expect anybody to fight for you but let’s stand together and do it ourselves because we can.

Museveni has not only corrupted us, but he’s has created a gap between the majority poor Ugandans and those few rich Ugandans whom we believe to have accumulated wealth after corrupting and sinking into government coffers. STAND AND RISE Don’t wait for anyone.

My fellow brother and sisters your parents paid you school fees to get good jobs but you end up on plane going abroad to act as a house maid, all good jobs are offered to westerners and beyond, aren’t we Ugandans? Why do you accept sectarianism to go on in your country? We are entitled to good jobs why first and second opportunities are given to one tribe? STAND UP AND RISE
1. Ugandans are killed in broad day light.
2. Opposition are not allowed to assembly.
3. We are tortured to dearth.
4. People are dying poverty
5. Corruption and embezzlement of govt funds beyond control.
6. Nepotism, sectarianism, tribalism among others
7. Land grabbing
8. Killings without giving us satisfactory reports attached to such cases.
Museveni is a dictator who shall never let you live a happy life, Ugandans are now under captivity of foreigners. We have to fight and restore our lost Glory.

We shall not get rid out of tyranny hands without uprising. Together we can let’s not wait for Kyagulanyi or Besigye alone, they are nothing just like you if we don’t join together. Don’t wait for your neighbor, change starts with you.

people power our power
People power is our power
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