Kampala most bootylicious socialite 'Mimi' now a graduate - Whisper Eye

Kampala most bootylicious socialite ‘Mimi’ now a graduate

Whisper Eye understands that USA based Uganda socialite has proven that the fact that she is a class above other socialites in Uganda , She has now graduated at a top university known as Quinsigamondd Community College in the Trump world.

This explains why this USA based Ugandan proved her critics wrong despite her socialite life ,Mimi Napeshirah commonly refered to as Princess Kiesha managed to add a milestone on her life upon being a nurse and CEO of a cleaning company.

The bootylicious socialite known for posting semi – nude images on her social media , has three beautiful kids from her marriage.

Napeshirah Mimi with her family in the USA

Talking to Whisper Eye she assured Ugandans that its through her hard work that she has managed to buy her self three cars, a house in USA and she has set up a business in shortest time.

Napeshirah Mimi before departing for her trip in Uganda 2017
Napeshirah Mimi in the USA

Mimi called for hardwork among other things and also entrusting motivation in achieving success, she assured Ugandans and her followers that she will be live on Whisper Eye team for an interview pretty soon.

At Whisper Eye we congratulate her for degree achievement .