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Kampala top guitarist Nshuti scoops Hipipo award

Nshuti again. After swinging to top songs of Eddy Yawe’s Akayembe , Juliana Kanyomonzi’ s Kanyimbe; Situka Tutambule, Bobi Wine’s famous Tuliyambala Engule song.

The guitarist scoops her first award in Uganda’s top awards known as Hipipo awards . She has been competing with John Blaq among others and won this evening.

Nshuti with her melodious voice and lingering strings of the guitar as she plays, charms anyone as long as she’s playing and this has made her career look bright.

Hipipo Music Awards celebrates and promotes music, musicians, and artistic excellence in Africa. Organized by Hipipo, HiPipo Music Awards held since 2012 to date.

These are the 5th edition awards as the category for which Nshuti Mbabazi has won is called Must Watch Talent. The win is justified by her tremendous performance on online sites like Facebook ,YouTube and Instagram where she has a large following with likes ,comments and shares.

Nshuti nominated in a must watch talent

We congratulate all those that have won .

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