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Mpigi district local government leaders reject Museveni’s oil storage facility

Mpigi District LC V Chairperson Peter Mutuluuza led his local government leaders and technical stuff to reject the Kampala Storage Terminal proposed at Namwabula -Nsujjumporwe in Kiringente Sub-County Mpigi district.

In a meeting at Mpigi district headquarters organised by Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and Uganda National Oil Company Limited to sensitize district leaders and locals about the proposed project was concluded minus any appraisal from district leaders.

They claim that the project was started minus any contribution from the district. To make matters worse the Kampala Storage Terminal facility is located in Mpigi, but it the name Mpigi is not seen anywhere in documents which they vowed not to welcome the project.

“I told you last time Mpigi must be included in the project name. We can’t work with this project if we are not catered for as the district which is affected.” Mutuluuza said.

Many local government councillors accused president Museveni to personalize oil sector in the country.
“This is Museveni’s business, you can not bring a project in Mpigi and name it Kampala Storage Terminal. At first it was called Buloba Storage Terminal. The project is run by corrupt government officials working for president Museveni.” NRM LC V councillor bluntly said.

Engineer Gusumu Lwakasanga explained that the Terminal was named after Kampala Storage Terminal for easy direction on the world Map. However advised district leaders to pass a council resolution and write to the ministry for amendments.

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