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NRM’s rigging machinery clashed at MUK over guild elections – one arrested

Uganda Young Democrats (UYD)/People Power candidate Kateregga Julius’s agents have caught one electoral commission officer rigging for NRM’s candidate Juliana Taliwaku Andrew at the school of Public Health. The unidentified officer was giving out more than one votes to Taliwaku supporters at the polling station.

Kateregga’s polling agents are now patrolling each polling station and deploying more agents to protect their votes.

Mugume Isma , Kateregga’s agent in charge of polling stations narrates how they have landed into NRM’s rigging tricks;

“Their plan is unearthed!

It has come to our attention that the Makerere University Electoral Commission, the Guild Mama, Uganda police and Internal security organization (ISO) hatch a plan to rig the Mak Guild race in favor of Mukisa!

In a meeting held last night at Kaka’s office where Mukisa got money for his final rally, the agreed on the following!

  1. Get ballot papers and plan for ballot stuffing on the voting day! It has come to our attention that a one Kaziru Daniel has already secured these ballot papers for the Mukisa team and will cause chaos for them to finish this mission at different colleges during the voting day!
  2. Use of Examination Permits as voting credentials! The guild constitution clearly states that for one to be eligible to vote he must posses a University ID or Bio data! Unlike in the previous elections, this year’s EC has made it compulsory for everyone with an examination permit to vote! In their meeting, they agreed that they will ferry in people, forge examination permits and all these vote in favor of Mukisa! We call upon all Makerereans to be vigilant and not allow this kind of rigging!
  3. Castigate violence under the protection of the police and Army as it has been on the final rally to disorganise voting! After all the above has failed, they agreed to to cause chaos using GGB by throwing stones and caning girls to make them shun voting! This strategy will be done in the name of KJ and make it appear though it is the KJ camp casting violence! We must be vigilant and take care of our destiny (Twebereremu). Through violence, they will chase away KJ’s poling agents to get a chance of ballot stuffing!
  4. Tallying time: the army, military and police will seal off the guild office. This will give a chance to Lumumbists to attack the offices under the protection of security, cause chaos and hence a change in the results!
  5. Make random arrests of KJ strong men especially those on the patrol team! This will be done to weaken the vote protection mechanism for KJ and give room for rigging and vote malpractices!
  6. Eliminate Students from the voters register at KJ’s strong holds and deny them a chance to vote for their most favorable candidate! Our snoops have told us that this is already evident at the School of Education where KJ comes from where many of the teachers have been eliminated from the voters register claiming that they have not been for SEMMAS! It should however be noted that the E.C has not displayed the voters register up to now

All these are done in the spirit of making UYD/ People Power’s officially endorsed candidate Kateregga Julius to fail in his bid for 85th Guild President!

We therefore call upon Makerereans to be alert, vigilant and steady right from 6:00 Am to the time they announce the winner!

We caution the E.C, the Guild Admin madam Norah, Police in particular Sp Kaziru Daniel, ISO, Natukunda Owen, Akampulira Haris Justus, Chombo James, Burobuto Yamurebire Jothan and the rest of other people involved in this mess not to taste our patience!

We have withstood the Lumumba stones, your sticks, the Kikoni bullets from the military giving Mukisa people protection while they are attacking us, the fake malicious propaganda but caution you this time round not to test our patience!

We have been peaceful enough and enough is enough!

We however call upon Makerereans to make the best choice and vote for KJ as their next Guild President!

Thank You!
Mugume Isma
Concerned Makererean