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Why Besigye will never give up fighting for justice – Winne Byanyima

Winfred Byanyima a wife to Rt. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye Kifeefe has revealed why his husband can not quit the struggle to Liberate Uganda. The Aeronautical Engineer who represented Mbarara Municipality as area Member of Parliament between 1994 – 2004 before being appointed as a Director of the Directorate of Women, Gender, and Development at the Headquarters of the African Union in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia has bluntly informed Ugandans how his spouse Dr. Besigye is determined to continue struggling to Liberate Uganda despite the ongoing attacks from opposition.

Byanyima said that what he knows about his husband is that he can’t abandon anything he starts before its completion. Since our bush war period Dr. Besigye proved his strength and he is used to criticisms, he started the struggle which he must complete and not anything less.

“Retire? From fighting for Justice? That is a miscalculation. Like him or not, Dr. Besigye doesn’t give up on a just cause because he is attacked or because the journey is tought. Hasn’t he proved that?” Byanyima tweeted!

Byanyima tipped Ugandans to vote for Dr. Besigye in 2021 general elections to oust president Museveni whom she accused of over staying in power.

“Ugandans should trust Dr. Besigye to takeover from president Museveni. Dr. Besigye is a determined, caring man who lives by his word, unlike Mr. Museveni who changes every time.” Byanyima remarked.

According to Winnie Byanyima Dr. Besigye is positioned better than any other candidate to defeat Mr. Museveni. She explained that Uganda’s opposition leader, has support from all regions and a recommendable backing from the army who are willing to accept his governance.

Byanyima worked as a Flight Engineer for Uganda Airlines and in 1981 joined the armed struggle lead by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and she was a member of the Constitute Assembly that drafted the 1995 Ugandan Constitution. In November 2016, Byanyima was appointed by United Nations Secretary General Ban-ki-moon to the High-level panel on Access to Medicines, co-chaired by Ruth Dreifus, former president of Switzerland, and Festus Mogare former president of Botswana.

As we draw close to 2021 general elections the question of who is to merge as an opposition candidate to contest with NRM’s sole candidate Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is seen as the biggest challenge to Uganda’s opposition.

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