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Why Col Kizza Besigye is being attacked by former supporters?

Uganda’s prominent opposition leader Rt. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye Kifeefe has been attacked on various occasions by opposition supporters believed to be his former voters.

At first Dr. Besigye was attacked at a local radio known as CBS radio in Mengo Kampala after a popular talk show ‘Palamenti Yaffe’ where he featured as a guest speaker.
Just after one week Dr. Besigye was attacked at Pece Stadium in Gulu northern Uganda by again youth claiming to be People Power supporters.

On both occasions Dr. Besigye is assaulted on various counts all connected to why he is not giving way to a young political leader Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu the Kyadondo East MP popularly known as Bobi Wine.

The two opposition heavy weights Bobi Wine and his long time friend Dr. Besigye seem to be working together but their supporters follow apart completely and are beyond repair as we talk now.

When Col. Besigye was attacked at CBS Radio, Bobi Wine condemned the act publicly in the media. And recently when Dr. Besigye was in Gulu, the former Bush war fighter blamed the government of president Museveni as responsible for the current attacks.

“This violence is caused by government security operatives who have used who believe we are not working together. They are every where in all opposition camps.” Besigye said.

However People Power supporters believe that Col. Besigye has denied their candidate a chance to take on President Museveni. And in one different meetings they have resolved to attack Dr. Besigye to force his early retirement from Uganda’s politics.

This is evidenced on social media, platforms where Bobi Wine supporters attack Dr. Besigye more often than Mr. Museveni.

Under this strategy they are determined to attack Besigye frequently in Central, Northern and Eastern regions to force him to concentrate on the Western region. If you follow Dr. Abed Bwanika’s submission on various media talk show, he communicates the real agenda.

People Power Movement is more than ready, to force Dr. Besigye’s early political retirement with more and more attacks.

The fight between who is to take on president Museveni in 2021, among opposition will be used as a political yard stick to whether Mr. Museveni will face the real challenge or just ordinary competitors.

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