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Why I trust president Museveni to solve Rwanda/ Uganda tension – Sam Evidence

Okuterana is a Rukiga word but which has several meanings. For instance you could be friends with someone and another person steps into your friendship to bring wrong information which may divide you. In Rukiga we say that “Akabaterana”

With the good friendship that President Museveni and President Kagame had I presume there’s someone stepping into and dividing them hence resulting into what we see today. I was shocked to hear President Kagame’s speech recently which was directly in reply to what our president had said on women’s day in Bunyangabu.

However Bakiga say that “Enyinemwe zaba zirarwana otabizamu” when two brothers are fighting don’t involve yourselves in that fight because at the end of the fight they will still get something to unite them and when they get United they will turn against you, see you as an enemy and fight you. Those Proverbs are philosophical and they give answers to difficult questions and puzzling issues.

Rwanda and Uganda are like twins, infact had it not been colonialcountries I believe Rwanda and Uganda would have been one Country, because when you read history several tribes have their origin in Rwanda and no wonder there are relatives who live in the two Countries only divided by the border. Those relatives keep in touch with each other and pay visits to each other.

Recently with my friend, we went for the burial of one of our colleagues child, as the speeches were being read, they mentioned that the relatives from Rwanda had also sent a condolence message and there were representatives who stood to speak on behalf of other relatives that were left in Rwanda. They confidently spoke Rukiga and some were more fluent than the natives.

President Museveni decorating Rwanda’s Kagame in Uganda

This doesn’t end there, but when you attend parties in the districts that are bordering Rwanda you can’t leave without hearing of a speech or gifts sent all the way from Rwanda to the relatives in Uganda. This does not only end on burials and parties only but it also goes to the religion. I have attended several conferences at St Peter’s cathedral Rugarama – Dioces of Kigezi and I have heard our Bishop introducing clergy from Rwanda also attending.

Though I have not had a chance to be in Rwanda or attend any function I guess it’s the same with what I had written above. No wonder in the last week the local papers carried headlines like ‘Family misses burial of their daughter in Uganda because of the closed boarder” another media house carried another “Over 100 Rwandese students miss graduation at Kampala University ” all these prove the strong ties the two Countries have with each other.

While the colonialists created boarders I believe they were aware of the blood relationships that Africans had, and they were aware that once Africans realize the importance of these relationships they would rebel against them. The colonialists were bad hearten to the extent that they hated any unity that resulted into huge development that would see Africa going to another level or surpassing them.

President Museveni through NRM therefore comes talking about Pan Africanism – love and Patriotism of our Continent, helps some African countries which are facing instability created by wars and bad tribal Politics, like South Sudan, DRC and Somalia get peace out of that. It’s the reason that am confident nothing wrong will happen between Uganda and Rwanda because peace will always be his first priority as Museveni , his love for Africa will not allow him make any bad decision no matter what. Let those who want to write or speak do it, but am confident none of the bad wishes will come to pass.

Within Uganda we have had Politicians who directly attack President Museveni that at times you would expect trouble befalling them, but these ones walk free instead..in fact we have our had our children morals being eroded because of this, because when they see old people being insulted I think they feel that insulting President Museveni is Okay and they also try it.

The two leaders of Rwanda and Uganda should know that they’re heading sister countries or twin Countries which have biological ties and very hard to cut. What hurts Uganda hurts Rwanda too, that’s why the Rwandan genocide hurts us all, even if we could not have Ugandans dying from the genocide but we our people were traumatized to see an open day slaughtering of human beings. Those children whose parents were killed in the genocide still suffer and their sad stories hurt us all.

The writer is the Aspiring Candidate, of Uganda Western Youth MP and a seasoned writer of Whisper Eye