The fracas between Gen Matayo Kyaligonza and a female traffic officer - Adam Buyinza Luzindana - Whisper Eye

The fracas between Gen Matayo Kyaligonza and a female traffic officer – Adam Buyinza Luzindana

This doesn’t mean the general is above the law, the u-turn maneuver of a VIP car like the general’s isn’t wrong on road: VIP cars are permitted to make any maneuver on road, u turn or otherwise for security & personal reasons, as the commander sees fit per the situation on route and the traffic cop was wrong to cause a suspicious halt to the general’s car.

The general is VIP and VIP is top protection nowadays in a country were people are gunned down like dogs on road, the body guards are suspicious about suspicious halts, stops, jam and followings and unfortunately, the police cop stop was mistaken for suspicious halt.

The traffic cop would have used her training to notice its a two star car thus VIP enough to make any maneuver on road, u-turn, Zigi ziga, or otherwise; its all perfectly legal on road for a VIP car.


We have witnessed many police officers like this one.

Most of these police officers from Central Uganda or Norrhern uganda hate every senior UPDF officer from western Uganda.They try to discredit them.This is a brutal truth.

If a General made a U- Turn and he was in a decorated vehicle,,why was that police woman stopping him.Police officers kindly stop acting because Boda Boda people around are inciting you to act.

A video showing how UPDF officer beat up a police officer

U can see how junior security people hate M7.They have started to defy Generals. Sectarianism will lead to the fall of M7.

Some of these police people must learn to respect people..they should avoid bringing frustrations and desperacy to some people.If you have an office u are holding,please use your brain to take decisions..Not everything is about the law.

If u are a traffic officer moreover from Central Uganda and u see a bush war hero on road making a mistake, just salute him and keep quite .You might think am stupid but that is the reality.

Ugandans continue to pretend a lot and not to respect reality and natural justice.

One day at Protea hotel, I saw a stupid askari.He had instructions that all visitors must be checked.

That same day IGP Kayihura came in his convoy..the man insisted that Kayihura should come out and be checked…this man had no brain. A real soldier know how to operate.

If u are a gate keeper at NRM secretariat and u have orders that every visitor must be checked, please don’t be so stupid to insist on checking General Muhoozi when he wants to enter.Just use your brain not the law.

Learn to be humble you Ugandans.

The constitution of Uganda is clear on which Ugandans are entitled to the RIGHT OF WAY but today you see NRM Officials even driving on one way..As a police officer, you don’t have to wrestle with such people.Be humble.use your brain.

If u are a smart police man, u just keep quite,, u can’t stop Kasule Lumumba NRM Secretary General from enjoying the right of way.She has no right of way but she uses it any time she so wishes.

The law is clear a Lt General is senior and must be respected but if Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba met Amama Mbabazi, Muhoozi will humble himself not because of the law but because he is aware of the historical contributions of Amama Mbabazi.

Its all about your brain not the law all the time.

If u want to be successful in life, there are times when u must not argue with your seniors mostly in security.

If u are in armed forces, never challenge your senior.
Luzindana Adam Buyinza a freedom Fighter and a member of the Uganda Poor Youth Movement working towards the Final Liberation of Uganda