Mukono residents demonstrate Police money extortion from arrested Kisowera students - Whisper Eye

Mukono residents demonstrate Police money extortion from arrested Kisowera students

Boda Boda operators, lorry drivers of Kabembe ,kisowera  and Kiyunga  are poised to storm the Sub-county offices  on Friday demanding the release of four students held at the police.

The unknown number of  Students of Kisowera Secondary School in Mukono district are languishing at Nama sub county headquarters prison cells in Mukono District for the last four days.

It is alleged that two of the students, one an orphan called Martin Gingo has been kept in the cells for the last five days.

 Gingo is a student of senior two and it is alleged that he stole flash disks belonging to the deputy headmaster

Whisper eye media team has established that the deputy headmaster of Kisowera Secondary school Mr. James Semwanga lost disks from his home where he had them kept.

That Mr. Semwanga son Sempijja also a student in the above school is the one who stole the flash disks from Mr Semwanga’s  home and sold them to fellow students including Gingo and others of S1 last year at shs 10,000/= each.

 Now upon discovery of the missing disks, Mr Semwanga reported the matter to Nama police who have carried out arrest of students from the school.

 The parents of the students who were summoned to the police were asked each pay 120,000/- per flash diskette his son admitted taking from the Deputy’s boy.

Other sources have told whisper eye media team that the flash disks actually are part of a donation from overseas funders to Kikandwa primary school one of the schools in the area where the Deputy Headmasters wife is working.

This   extortion of money from poor students is being carried by the police in corroboration with the deputy headmaster.

When contacted the HM of the school could not answer her phone. The OC of Nama M/S Nakasinde was not able to answer her phone either

The concerned parents of the detained boys are mobilizing massive protest against the sub county officials, police and school administration and this might culminate in destruction of property