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Fayulu pushing for new DR Congo poll

Martin Fayulu, who finished second in the Democratic Republic of Congo presidential election on 30 December last year, has proposed – in a letter to the African Union (AU) – that a new poll be held again in six months, news agency AFP reports.

Mr Fayulu, who was the candidate for an opposition coalition, repeated his allegation that the vote result had been rigged and that the electoral commission known as Ceni had “quite simply fabricated the results it published”.

President Felix Tshisekedi, who is attending a two-day AU summit in Ethiopia, was declared winner of the election with 38.5% of the vote, against Mr Fayulu’s 34.8%.

Mr Fayulu says that he won 60% of the vote saying that Ceni’s results leaked to the media backed his claim.

The influential Catholic Church, which says it had 40,000 electoral monitors across the country, also said Mr Tshisekedi did not win the election.

The Constitutional Court, however, dismissed an official petition from Mr Fayulu.

Mr Tshisekedi is the first opposition challenger to win presidential election since the DR Congo gained independence in 1960.

He took over from former President Joseph Kabila who had ruled the country for 18 years.