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External Forces attempt a coup against Museveni

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni may face his exist from political power much earlier as he planned due to external forces attempts to face him out through a surprising coup if allegations come with merit.

Uganda’s bush war General summoned the High Command amidst looming plan to have him toppled by external forces with support from western super powers who have lost interest in what opposition party refer to as a dictator.

Yesterday the Elite Special Forces Command sent out a recorded voice message stating that some external forces have hatched plan to topple president Museveni.

Mr. Museveni called an urgent meeting with the Army council to prepare and make combative measures to protect Kampala government from external aggression.

Whisper Eye reliable sources indicates that the US has more interests in Uganda’s Museveni who has helped the super power on Regional security mainly in Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Dr. Congo including the East African sub-region.

Intelligence shows that Western super powers have failed to reach an agreement for Sudan’s Omar Bashir and Uganda’s Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on who should go first. Some want Uganda’s Museveni to exit first, but a sizeable number ague that if Gen Museveni exits first then Sudan’s Bashir may become a bigger problem to US and other western powers’ interest in the region.

This conflicting interests made the Kampala government to access the crucial information of the roaming attack any time.

Mr. Museveni has started implementing effective transfers in the Uganda Police Force, his RDCs, Army and other sectors, as the Cabinet reshuffle nears although we are yet to determine if this is in line with the new developments .

Adam Buyinza a renowned political analyst in Kampala said is concerned. We are scared. As Uganda poor youth movement, we ask government especially SFC,Ministry of Defence and Security to appear before Parliament and explain this allegations.

We understand the dangers associated by toppling a president. added a former youth leader of the ruling NRM party.

Whisper Eye shall keep you posted.