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Museveni retirement date nears: Names his successor

Uganda’s current President Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 74 who has ruled Uganda since 1986 after a successful guerrilla war has set his exit date. Mr. Museveni during a meeting of the ruling family Mr. Museveni told family members that he will end his political career on 12th May 2026, and his newly promoted son in the UDPF Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kayinerugaba to take-over the throne.

In the meeting three names were presented to succeed Museveni, and Muhoozi’s shoot on the top. Museveni convinced the family that the son can rule Uganda for more than 40 years thus protecting his legacy that he has looked Upon since 1986.

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi has embarked on the long-waited presidential throne and attending various occasions as the guest of honour. On these functions the former LDU trainee is giving out contributions in millions and millions of money receiving a lot of appraisals from his supporters.

The plan is to make Muhoozi more popular than anybody in the ruling family and NRM.

The ARMY: It is clear that anybody to rule Uganda basing on history, must have the backing of the Army. Now the question for Muhoozi to become the President of Uganda in 2026, is how he will win the support of the army.

Intelligence shows that Senior army officials rejected Museveni’s son and refused to obey his commands claiming that he (Lt. Gen. Muhoozi) is junior to them. Intelligent Museveni did not waste his energy explaining to his fellow bush war generals. However he extended his exit which he had planned in 2021 to 2026. Mr. Museveni has made sure that every general that opposed Muhoozi to become the president of the Republic of Uganda retires from the Army. From General Ssejjusa Tinyefunza, to the current Army promotions, those promoted for their retirement opposed Muhoozi project.

However those that are in support of the Muhoozi project were promoted and given crucial offices to protect Museveni’s son to retain power. A case in point its Major Gen. Sabiiti Muzeeyi who is groomed to be the Inspector General of Police (IGP) in Muhoozi’s government, among others on the list of the recent army promotions.

President Museveni is continuing in making changes in his army to clear a way for the son. And just in few months to come he is to reshuffle the cabinet and those with specific role to play for the success of Muhoozi project are to take a lion’s share.

Uganda’s newly formed People Power Movement led by the Kyadondo East legislator Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu popularly known as Bobi Wine are in preparation of a tough challenge for President Museveni come 2021.

Museveni a US ally on regional security; East African, DR Congo, Sudan and Southern Sudan is one of the Africa’s longest serving leaders currently has ruled Uganda for the last 33 years, and by 2026 when he plans his son to succeed him he will be making 40 years in power.

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