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Museveni in Addis Ababa

 President Museveni on Saturday arrived in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa ahead of the 32nd Ordinary Summit of the African Union Heads of State and Government.

Shortly after his arrival, Mr Museveni tweeted saying the summit will focus on the refugee problem and how the continent can tackle it.
“ I met Mr Farid Fezoua and Mr Alexander Oketch, officials of General Electric (GE) Africa. Besides the other engagements the government already has with GE, we shall also partner in developing and equipping our hospitals,” he said.

In his remarks as outgoing AU chairperson, Rwandan president Paul Kagame said investing in the health systems of African countries has already had transformative effects on the African population but more needs to be done.

“That is why the outcome of this meeting is so important. Let me leave you with four points. First, governments should surely be willing and able to increase domestic investment in healthcare. A good indicator of this is the progress we have made toward securing the financial health of AU, and mobilising our own resources for joint priorities such as the Peace Fund. We should be the first ones to contribute to efforts that directly benefit our people,” he said.

Nearly six years after the African Union shut it out in the cold, Egypt will take the organisation’s helm — and strengthening multilateral powers is unlikely to be on the agenda.
Cairo’s tenure “will probably concentrate on security and peacekeeping”, said Ashraf Swelam, who heads a think tank linked to the country’s foreign ministry.
Incoming AU chair President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will likely focus less on “financial and administrative reform” than his predecessor, Swelam added.
Such reform was the cornerstone of outgoing AU chairman Paul Kagame’s year in the role.
The Rwandan president has pushed for a continent-wide import tax to fund the AU and reduce its dependence on external donors, who still pay for more than half the institution’s annual budget.
An African diplomat said Egypt — along with fellow heavyweights South Africa and Nigeria — does not want a powerful AU.