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I will bury your political career and send you to retirement – Mpuuga to Mbidde

The former outspoken Buganda Kingdom Youth Minister and current Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba has yet again vowed to send EALA MP, the Vice President of Uganda’s oldest Political Party DP Hon Fred Denis Mukasa Mbidde to political limbo come 2021 elections.

Mpuuga who was confident told Whisper Eye on Sunday that he has no stiff challenge as media reports over Masaka Municipality MP seat. Hon Mpuuga advised Mukasa Mbidde who has interest recently to contest for the municipality MP seat to go back to Kalungu East constituency where he has contested for there times.

“I advised Mbidde to continue mobilising in Kalungu East Constituency where he has stood for three times, although loosing to NRM. We can help him as opposition but he can not leave Kalungu East constituency to the ruling NRM and fight for a constituency won by opposition.” Mpuuga said.

“Mbidde tried in Makindye West and lost, he went to Kalungi East in a bye-election in 2007 and lost again, he tried in 2011, and 2016 and lost all attempts. He will loose again here in the Municipality.” Mpuuga explained.

The Masaka Municipality legislator added that; ‘you can’t call a village meeting when a Squirrel is eating up your ground nuts, you just handle it your self. There is nothing to worry about’

Masaka Municipality has experienced an early political tension as EALA MP Hon Mukasa Mbidde camp embarked on an early campaign which so far has drawn different youth groups against these two DP giants .

Whisper Eye has learnt that the top Democratic Party leaders in the district have asked the top DP leadership to quickly meet the two leaders to have a win-win negotiation to this new political rivalry which is causing damage to the strength of DP according to its leadership.

Mpuuga who has mobilised Buganda Nkobazambogo youth in his constituency and women groups under CBS Peosa, and the owner of Masaka Municipal Football Club locally know as Nkambi FC, says he will find no difficult to win the seat back in 2021.

Political analysts say that Mpuuga has performed well in Uganda’s Parliament and being an opposition MP, from the popular DP Party in Buganda and a former minister in Mengo government. Anybody will find it difficult to defeat him come 2021 .
They have advised DP to have negotiations with the two to contest in different constituencies.

Mbidde has on various occasions said no one owns any constituency as far as the Uganda laws stand and his motives is to save the image of the party.

He once explained that Hon. Mpuuga has failed to represent the people of Masaka and he (Mpuuga) can not win the seat again. Mbidde explained that he can not accept other political parties like NRM and FDC to take over Masaka Municipality which is dominated by the Democratic Party for years.

Mpuuga became Masaka Municipality MP in 2011, after a landslide victory aganist former DP Vice President, John Baptist Kawanga and re-elected in 2016 defeating NRM’s Herman Ssentongo who is the current RDC of Masaka with a small margin.

Whisper Eye shall keep you posted.