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I met Jesus at Kajjansi – Pr Mondo Mugisha

Pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha has said he encountered Jesus about 14 years ago at Kajjansi on the Kampala-Entebbe Road.

Mugisha was appearing on Capital FM this morning when he said: “I met Jesus in Kajjansi. I saw something crystal clear like a ball. I knew he was the one because I was just from talking to him. His spirits struck me. I fell down.”

Asked how Jesus looked liked, he revealed further that the Kajjansi encounter was not just the first one noting he has encountered ‘Him’ twice.

“I think to me he looked like an Arab, not the Jesus they pain in books. He isn’t the one I saw. He had long hair. He showed me pierced hands and had a robe. I saw him. The second time he hit my Mark II car with a white cross and said, come and save my people,” he said.

Pastor Mugisha is the founder of Empowerment Christian Center in Mutundwe and a close friend of Prophet Busharizi.

Credit: The second Opinion Publications ltd