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Who killed Radio ? Its a full year since he passed on

Moses Radio death shocked the nation and the world as it happened so fast when the star was murdered by some bad elements with in Uganda’s music industry , the police carried out investigations and the rest followed.

Why are Ugandans scared of talent one time Radio asked ? however according to Whisper Eye CEO Mr Kaweesa Hope Mulangira, the late Radio was his close friend and they had a lot of investments ideas with him which didn’t come to mature. One evening Radio took him to tour some of his projects that was so appealing and indeed radio was a blessing to this world.

Kaweesa Hope Mulangira and the Moses Radio

Today marks one full year since radio passed on lets celebrate his life because it was always Radio’s desire to celebrate his life.

Below is apiece by Kampala top lawyer Tom Mbalinde to help Radio and his family

Radio is gone too soon. Sad but we can’t change that. Let us draw some lessons. Why doesn’t this country protect and enforce Copyright? We have a very good law. The Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act but it is not enforced.

In serious jurisdictions, a musician is paid every time his song is played on a radio station, TV, in a club or in public. Those involved in the aforementioned businesses are required to have software that keeps a record of songs played. This coupled with sales of original records guarantees a lifetime of earning! To this day, Elvis Prestley’s estate earns millions of dollars.

Sadly, those involved in the business of pirating music will make millions by selling Radio’s pirated records and cash in on his death! This money would be going to his estate to take care of his children . If just 50,000 copies alone were sold at 5,000/=, that would be 250 million. Food for thought.

Musicians wake up and demand that government enforces the law. Demand what is due to you. It makes so sense to spend months in a studio just to produce music for music pirates to live off!

R.I.P Mozey Radio.